Long Short is Now Live!

Long Short is Now Live!

Long Short Trading Strategy is Now Live

The Long wait just got a whole lot Shorter

Ethereum, the original smart contracts blockchain that has been live since 2015 sporting its native cryptocurrency, Ether, has risen to become the most popular platform upon which decentralized finance and non-fungible tokens are thriving.

Just recently, the network updated its consensus mechanism from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake, the first of multiple upgrades due over the coming years. Cryptocurrency is and has been known for its continual volatility, viewed by some investors as a negative aspect of the asset class.

On the flip side, for those who take advantage of automated crypto bots, the upside is found within the volatility factor of crypto, which is what Stoic AI is capitalizing on with its new strategy release.

Long Short Now Available to the Public

Up until now, the Stoic AI app has been utilizing 2 different trading strategies, Long-Only and Fixed Income. Each of these strategies serve a specific purpose and are built based on investors’ varying risk-tolerance levels.

Long Short has entered the scene with a hunger to capitalize on the strong directional moves of ETH to leverage momentum in the 2nd largest crypto asset by market cap. Long Short executes trades using Futures on Binance, detecting markers to formulate trade decisions.

Long Short trading strategy works with ETH and Binance exclusively to automate crypto trading on your behalf. The strategy switches between long and short positions in ETH determined by specific market markers and calls. Even if the entire market crashes, Long Short could end up profiting as a result.

Who is Long Short for?

Long Short is designed for crypto investors with a high risk-tolerance, expecting a higher-than-average yield distributed in USDT. This is an aggressive strategy that works strictly through the trading of ETH on the Binance Futures market. Long short was created to work well in any market cycle: bull or bear market.

Who is Long Short NOT for?

The new trading strategy is not for the investor who wants to “play it safe”. The market could move unexpectedly sideways, disallowing momentum from rising which is what the strategy counts on, resulting in losses. Long Short is not for those who desire a more market-neutral trading approach with little risk involved.

Choosing a Stoic trading strategy

The Stoic AI app now has a total of 3 trading strategies in its lineup of solutions for retail and institutional investors. But what is the difference between each strategy?

Stoic AI offers simplistic sophistication tailored to suit specific objectives and risk-tolerance levels. Here are each of the 3 strategies explained in one sentence.

Long Only - A long-term, portfolio rebalancing strategy with moderate risk and high upside that performs best during a bull market.

Fixed Income* - A market neutral, steady performance strategy with low risk and modest returns. Fixed Income performs well in any market cycle and does even better during a bull market.

Long Short* - An ETH-based, high-performance strategy with higher risk and strong yields that performs well in any market cycle.

Choosing a strategy is based largely upon an investor’s goals and risk-tolerance levels. It is important to note that more than one strategy can be chosen per investor, each one running simultaneously within a single Stoic AI account.

*Strategies marked with an asterisk require the use of Binance Futures which are restricted in some regions. Keep this in mind when choosing a Stoic strategy.

How to Sign Up

Getting started with either Long Short or with another Stoic strategy is simple:

1.  Sign up for a Stoic account

2.  Choose 1 of 3 strategies to start

3.  Fund your Binance account

4.  Connect your Binance account to Stoic

5.  Allow Stoic to trade on your behalf

In addition, a simple step-by-step walkthrough is available in-app that breaks down these steps in granular detail.

More Details on Long Short

To view extended details on Long Short and get common questions answered, please refer to this post published previously containing more information on the new trading strategy.

Thank you for tuning in and as always...

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