Long Short Strategy - Revealed

Long Short Strategy - Revealed

Long Short is upon us!

Trading dates all the way back to the stone ages when people traded various physical trinkets or valuables in exchange for other trinkets, goods, or services. Global societies have become much more sophisticated since that time, even more so with the creation and evolution of modern technology.

Stoicism, or endurance without complaint, was founded in ancient Greece as far back as 3rd century BC by Zeno of Citium. Stoicism was built upon the notion of staying calm through trying times and enduring the pain without causing a scene or getting all worked up about it.

The team behind Stoic AI knows that the cryptocurrency space can be tough to navigate at times. Investing is not for the faint of heart, which is why it’s important to stay calm through the tough times when it seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

Please welcome Long Short to our power lineup of Stoic AI trading strategies.

What is Long Short?

What does the above have to do with the new Long Short strategy? Long Short is an aggressive strategy aiming to capture alpha, or return, by trading ETH. Remaining calm through the market upticks and downturns will be essential in achieving success and not selling at a loss.

ETH, or Ether, has strong directional moves on both the long and short side, and Long Short is able to capture them with a target return of 40% to 50% per year in USDT. The strategy utilizes Futures on Binance and detects markers to formulate trade decisions.

Long Short serves as the 3rd strategy in the Stoic AI lineup following in Long-only and Fixed Income’s footsteps. Long Short leverages the high momentum and volatility of Ethereum to identify entry and exit points for daily long and short trades.

In layman’s terms, Long Short is a game-changing, automatic trading strategy that will knock the socks off any investor’s feet.

What are the Long Short statistics?

Parameters are quite strong with Long Short. Please see below table for specifications:

Sharpe Ratio


Max Drawdown


Calmar Ratio


Avg Daily Gains


Avg Weekly Gains


Avg Monthly Gains


Profitable Days %


What are the risks involved?

Like with all trading, there are risks associated with this strategy as past performance is no guarantee of future results. We cannot fully eliminate unprecedented events in the crypto market, though we actively manage these.

There are also liquidity risks, as the strategy trades actively and can incur larger than expected slippage in extremely volatile situations. Since Long Short is momentum based, there is a potential risk if the market unexpectedly moves sideways with little to no movement.

During market downturns, Long Short’s trading engine detects the bearish trend and starts short selling ETH. To minimize the risk, we use stop losses to determine entry points.

What are the fees and the initial minimum investment?

A 5% management fee is charged on the initial $1000 minimum investment. The minimum investment can be larger but not smaller. Any additional deposits made at a later date would then be open to a 5% charge.

Annual Fee (subscription also available)


Performance Fee

Minimum Deposit






What happens on the back end?

The Long Short crypto trading algorithm is always in a long or short trade based on proprietary trend calculations. Average hold period for a trade is 10-14 days, and position sizing is managed by our risk parameters. A stop is always in place for every open position, providing downside PNL protection.

Where is Long Short supported?

Any country or territory that allows access to Binance Futures is where Long Short is supported. Since the strategy operates inside of a Binance.com account with access to Futures, it is imperative to check if use is permitted or not where you live.

Are there any performance metrics to view?

Yes, please see the below table as it demonstrates the performance from January of 2021 through the middle of 2022:
































+3.5  %








How to Get Started with Long Short

**once the full launch is deployed.

1.    Create a separate sub-account with futures open on Binance for this strategy

2.   Allocate your capital to the wallet associated with new sub-account

3.   Create API keys with whitelisted IPs and futures trading rights, then transfer to us

4.    Pay the 5% fee upfront or choose the annual plan

5.   Stoic AI trading algorithm starts execution of Long Short on your sub-account using your API keys, you remain in full control of your capital.

Wrapping Up

Long Short strategy will be going live soon! In the meantime, interested investors can go here to sign up.

Long Short brings yet another strategy to the Stoic AI lineup for investors to take advantage of. The team at Cindicator is excited to deliver a strategy that aims to outperform ETH and aims to place profit in your pocket year after year.

Thank you for reading.

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Author: Ken Melendez

✍️ Head of Content @ Cindicator
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Who is Cindicator?

Cindicator is a world-wide team of individuals with expertise in math, data science, quant trading, and finances, working together with one collective mind. Founded in 2015, Cindicator builds predictive analytics by merging collective intelligence and machine learning models. Stoic AI is the company’s flagship product that offers automated trading strategies for cryptocurrency investors. Join us on Telegram or Twitter to stay in touch.


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