5 Epic NFTs to Buy in 2023

5 Epic NFTs to Buy in 2023

5 Best and Most Epic NFTs to Buy 2023

Why buy NFTs right now in 2023?

Let’s press into that question and touch on the reasons why one would want to purchase an NFT in the current bear market cycle. It isn’t an outrageous claim to desire a piece of digital art, or even land perhaps, containing a unique identifier that can only have a single owner.

Back in 2019, the sentiment was not as strong when NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, were not proven as valuable or rare, until the turn of the decade came along.

After the pandemic hit, the attention towards NFTs skyrocketed, funneling millions into these so-called digital assets that the public viewed as quite odd from the outside looking in. Many who have little to no exposure to blockchain or cryptocurrencies have a hard time watching measly, pixelated pieces of artwork selling for upwards of $1M.

Buying one or multiple NFTs sets the stage for future opportunities in this space. Investors tend to gravitate towards the potential upside that NFTs could obtain over time due to the extreme rarity, limited supply, and high demand of these unique cryptocurrency assets.

Collecting is another reason to venture into the NFT world as you do not need to store them in a physical location, and they can be kept safe offline inside of a hard wallet.

What are some of the best and most epic NFTs to buy right now in 2023? Let’s find out.

NFT to Buy - #1



Decentraland is a digital realm where the possibilities are nearly endless. Buy land, build homes, create characters, work jobs, build businesses, and so much more.

Enter one of the first iterations of the role-playing metaverse as you interact with other users in a 3D world. The NFTs purchased in-game are available to use immediately inside and are exclusive to you, the owner.

Decentraland runs on top of the Ethereum blockchain which creates ownership records that are completely unalterable and unerasable. Users who claim digital items on Decentraland are purchasing, or trading, NFTs that can only be owned by one private key at a time.

You can begin your journey with Decentraland by downloading the app for Windows, or by playing directly within your browser. Visit the marketplace to make purchases on items to use within the metaverse.

NFT to Buy - #2



STEPN is a clever Web3, move-to-earn app that can be downloaded and installed onto an Android or iOS mobile device. With an active GPS, the app enables users to take steps, as they do everyday already, and get rewarded in GST, or Green Satoshi Tokens.

The tokens can be collected on the app, used for in-game purchases and upgrades, or traded on the open market for coins such as Solana and USDC among others. Details about the project can be found inside their whitepaper

Upon starting the game, users are to purchase one or more sneakers (NFTs) before physically walking to earn rewards. You can still use the app without a sneaker, only you will not be able to earn any tokens. Imagine walking down the street in your neighborhood without shoes on, it would not be a comfortable situation.

Depending on how much walking or running you perform throughout the week, you can decide the quality and comfort level of your in-game shoes. STEPN NFTs can be purchased in-app on the Google Play and App Store.

NFT to Buy - #3

The Matrix Avatars

The Matrix NFT Avatars
The Matrix NFT Avatars

The popular sci-fi action movie series, The Matrix, has an NFT collection available by Nifty and Warner Bros. A total of 100,000 distinctive avatars are up for grabs and are honestly not too expensive compared to some other NFTs on the market. What makes these avatars clever is their ability to take you into the Matrix, experiencing it live as the character you purchased.

The engine used to build The Matrix avatars is Epic Game’s MetaHuman Creator, a cloud-based app used to construct humans in digital form quickly and easily. Epic Games is well-known for releasing smash hits such as Fortnite, Rocket League, and Unreal Tournament.

Each NFT has beautiful characteristics and striking detail in the clothing, hair, glasses, and other accessories. Attributes such as power, perception, persuasion, and charisma are rare aspects of the characters that shape how they will perform and interact. The Matrix avatar NFTs are up for bid on Nifty’s website.

NFT to Buy - #4



Tamadoge is an innovative, Doge-inspired ecosystem that includes Tamadoge pets, games, leaderboards, and a metaverse-like experience called the Tamaverse. Tamadoge appears as a fun, happy game that holds the tools necessary to become a fan favorite.

What is a Tamadoge pet? Quite simply, it is a digital dog that users can raise, breed, train and eventually battle other dogs with.

If you have lived long enough to remember Tamagotchi that came out in the mid-1990’s, or even Nintendogs in 2005, then you will thoroughly enjoy playing Tamadoge. In fact, if you took both of those games and fused them together, you would come quite close to creating Tamadoge.

Tamadoge though, includes cool incentives for users via the exclusive play-to-earn features. Beta sale is ending in a few weeks, but the token will still be available for purchase on the official website.

NFT to Buy - #5



Axies are fun little animated pets birthed within the Axie Infinity Web3 world. These fluffy guys are just plain adorable and make for great digital friends to buy, sell, trade, battle, and collect.

Owning one or more axies gives players the ability to battle each other, breed to create baby axies, and travel on rewarding adventures as the group becomes stronger and more agile.

By owning axie NFTs, the play and earn aspect of the game comes alive, giving players a way to earn rewards in the form of AXS tokens which hold real-world value inside and outside of the game. Blockchain technology takes a front seat here as it is the backbone of crypto gaming. Axies can be purchased in the marketplace via the Ronin Wallet.

NFT Ninja Tip:

Did you know that before or after you purchase an NFT, you can then check its rarity using Rarity Sniper? The website allows for rarity to be checked on over 1,700 NFT collections from ecosystems such as Ethereum and Solana. Rare NFTs are typically worth more and will likely hold more value long term than common NFTs.


Q: Can you lose money in NFT?

A: You can lose money in almost any investment, NFTs are no different. It is important to do your own research and only invest money that you are willing to lose if the NFT currency value goes to nothing.

Q: How long should I hold an NFT?

A: That answer depends on what your short and long-term goals are for investing in a particular NFT. Are you a collector? Are you wanting to make some quick cash? Are you in it for the long haul for maximum profits? The answer to one or all those questions will tell you how long to hold an NFT.

Q: Is it profitable to buy NFTs?

A: It can be, yes. Most of the profits will depend on how rare the NFT is and how much you sell it for. If you sell it for more than you paid for it, then yes, it is a profitable NFT.

Q: How do I choose an NFT to buy?

A: Find one that suits your interests. Buyers are typically happier with their NFT purchase when they enjoy showing it off to family and friends, or when the NFT can be interacted with such as a Tamadoge pet.

Q: Has Cindicator released any NFTs?

A: Yes, and it is called Zeno. Back in October 2021, Zeno sold for 36.75 ETH, which was more than $140,000 at the time.


The above list of NFTs is not exhaustive by any means. Many other NFT projects exist, running on top of various blockchains around the globe. Bottom line… choose the one (or multiple ones) that fit your interests and risk profile.

Choosing to invest in any NFT project comes with its fair share of risk, as does any investment in any industry. It is possible that you may lose all your capital. The chances of losing everything is low, but it is not off the table of possibilities. Don’t let that dissuade you from pursuing the digital ownership of NFTs. Non-fungible tokens are in the ground floor stage of development and can only rise from here.

Take care and remember… Keep your fingers on the Pulse!

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Information in the article does not, nor does it purport to, constitute any form of professional investment advice, recommendation, or independent analysis. None of the above NFTs are guaranteed to provide profits, as you could lose the entire amount of capital invested.