Emergence DAO - Scout Bees Referral Program (1st Phase)

Emergence DAO - Scout Bees Referral Program (1st Phase)

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Emergence DAO Scout Bees Referral Program

Special announcement from Emergence DAO

The news is in! Our partner, Emergence DAO, has unveiled a unique referral program for the first time. Right now, you have the opportunity to get involved as a critical contributor during the DAO’s early stages and help save wild bees.

Beehives need a constant supply of nectar and pollen to be successful in producing honey –  an energy-rich food source for bees even during the winter.

This is where the scout bees come in.

Scout bees search out new food sources and communicate to others the quality and the potential for a new nest site location through the bees’ language - dance.

Emergence DAO Referral Program 1

Similarly, as a beehive needs a food source, any investment DAO needs a constant supply of capital to emerge, grow and become more powerful in the achievement of its goals.

Every cent deposited into the Emergence BTC strategy feeds the Emergence DAO Treasury which then allows DAO to make significant donations to non-profit funds that save wild bees, issue grants for DAO’s community members, build new connections and perform marketing campaigns.

That’s why assets under management (AUM) should be the main metric for every member in Emergence DAO.

To highlight a value that goes from every community member and increase the main Emergence DAO’s metric (AUM) –  we are unveiling a special referral program.

Scout Bees Referral Program (1st Phase)

Emergence DAO Referral Program 2

Karl von Frisch, a professor who was one of the first to translate the meaning of the scout bees’ dance, marked three movements types: round dance, sickle dance and waggle dance.

In the same manner as scout bee dances, the referral program has three periods (seasons) where each has a goal to achieve a concrete AUM.

Round Dance Season:

Scout bees perform this dance when a food source is located very close to the hive. This season has a goal to achieve $100’000 of AUM in Emergence BTC strategy.

Sickle Dance Season:

This dance describes food sources that are at intermediate distances, between 50 and 150 meters from the hive. This season’s goal is $500’000 of AUM.

Waggle Dance Season:

The waggle dance is performed by bees foraging at food sources that are more than 150 meters from the hive. This dance, unlike the round dance, communicates both distance and direction. This season’s goal is $1’000’000 of AUM.


Round Dance Season is active right now and ends when Emergence BTC strategy hits the mark of $100k in AUM, causing the next season to start immediately.

After the end of each season, referrals (scout bees) and referees (beekeepers) will receive special rewards depending on their contribution (amount of beekeepers that were invited, the sum of AUM that were attracted).

Special rewards give Scout bees voting power to manage the DAO Treasury funds and participate in DAO governance. All valuable participants of the 1st Phase may be rewarded by tokens that will power the 2nd Phase of Emergence DAO (this is the future decision of the DAO).

How to become a Scout Bee (referral)

To participate in the referral program you need to do two simple things:

Join the Emergence DAO Discord and generate an invite link without expiration to #start-here channel.

Share an invite link generated by you to your friends and to everyone who may be interested in Emergence DAO.

Be creative by publishing interesting content (memes, creative design, research, educational content in the regional language, etc) about Emergence DAO and Emergence BTC strategy, then insert your invite link to attract new audiences and beekeepers to the DAO.


At the end of each season, every scout bee who invited a beekeeper will receive a special role in Discord that provides voting power for the DAO governance and special POAP.

POAPs (Proof of Attendance Protocol) are NFT badges serving as digital mementos, minted in celebration of life's remarkable moments such as the completion of Scout Bee dance seasons.

Four tiered badges for Scout Bees:

Tier 1 - NFT badge for those who attracted at least ~$100 (1 BTCEM token) in AUM
Tier 2 - NFT badge for those who attracted up to ~$10’000 (10 - 99.99  BTCEM tokens) in AUM
Tier 3 - NFT badge for those who attracted up to ~$100’000 (100 - 999.99 BTCEM tokens) in AUM
Tier 4 - NFT badge for those who attracted above ~$100’000 (>1000 BTCEM tokens) in AUM

The number of badges, beekeepers and scout bees are not limited – invite as many as you can! The Discord invite-tracker bot will count all your invites and generate a leaderboard based on attracted AUM (Or, more precisely, based on the amount of EMBTC tokens issued - currently 1 EMBTC is worth around $100). At the end of each season, the snapshot will be made and rewards will be transferred to the Scout bees who have attracted beekeepers (allocators).

When Emergence DAO turns into the 2nd Phase, DAO members will hold a round of voting to issue DAO's own governance token. If DAO issues its governance token, then all active Scout Bees with NFT badges will receive an airdrop of Emergence DAO tokens. The decision and the size of the airdrop will be determined by the DAO.

Create quality twitter threads, reviews or articles about Emergence DAO, help in twitter raids, reposts, comments, and likes to promote the main ideas of the DAO. These easy things help the overall growth of the community. Scout Bees’ primary task is to propel DAO forward and make cool and interesting content around it.

You’re ready, emerge now.

Disclaimer: since the program is currently in its inception, it may undergo changes. Keep in mind, it is unlikely that those involved will get rich on bots. The program’s success is based on Scout Bees who want to move forward in a big way with Emergence DAO.


1. Go to the Emergence DAO Discord and press the “Create Invite” button at the #start-here channel:

Emergence DAO Referral Program 3

2. Put a check mark at the “Set this link to never expire” field:

Emergence DAO Referral Program 4

3. Copy your invite link and share it!

How do I know that the Dance Season is over?

You can check it at the on-chain analytics dashboard where the current AUM is updated in real time and Dance Seasons goals are mentioned – https://dune.com/cloak_and_dagger/emergence-dao-scout-bee-referral-program.

How do I know how many beekeepers I’ve invited?

The Emergence DAO core-members will generate leaderboards on a weekly basis.

Thank you for tuning in.

As always, keep your fingers on the Pulse!

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