Crypto Trillionaire Game Review – Build Your Crypto Empire

Crypto Trillionaire Game Review – Build Your Crypto Empire

Crypto Trillionaire App


Crypto investors and gamers will love this app

Price: Free with optional in-app purchases

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I have played Crypto Trillionaire a lot more than I'd like to admit. Not only have I been playing, but kids have shown interest in playing as well.

Crypto Trillionaire is a “tap it up”, grow-as-you-go game that requires little to no learning curve. Upon starting the app, one can simply jump in and start building their crypto empire.

Everyone starts off with zero cash, zero miners, and just the basic crypto coin. The more you tap the coin, the more you earn. Not every aspect of the game is going to be covered in this review, but you will gain a good understanding of the game and then decide if you would like to dedicate hours of your life towards simulated crypto accumulation or not ;)

Crypto Trillionaire Button Tapping

This photo is the game's main interface. You will be spending a majority of your time on this screen tapping the giant coin, the vehicles that drive by that deliver bonuses, and the options at the top and bottom of the screen.

Pro tip: You can tap the coin with more than one finger at a time for increased income generation.

Upon starting the game, you get to choose your character. You are able to change your character, as well as other game options, at any point in time at the top left of the screen.

The game is quite clean and polished. Even though there are ads, you mostly view them voluntarily in order to unlock higher levels of payout. Not to mention, there is an option inside the shop to disable ads for $9.99. Let's move on and discuss what the options, or tabs, mean at the bottom of the screen.

Crypto Trillionaire Miners

Miners are an essential part of your crypto trillionaire journey. Just as in real life, the more miners you have set up and running, the more crypto you can generate per second. Not only is quantity important, but also pay attention to the quality of equipment you are purchasing.

Crypto Trillionaire will start players off with the USB-miner option. USB miners are small and therefore mine a rather small amount of coins per second. The further you progress through the game and the more money you earn, you are then able to purchase more powerful equipment such as high-end graphics cards, ASIC miners, and more.

A powerful attribute of miners is that they earn you money while you sleep. This is true both in real life and in-game. For the minutes / hours you spend away from active gameplay, your miners are hard at work earning you income.

Crypto Trillionaire Offline Income

With offline income, you have the ability to earn quite a bit while you are doing absolutely nothing. First, make sure you purchase miners. Now, use your gems to “level up” your offline earnings. The amount of gems required to upgrade your offline income increase on more powerful miners.

Gems are regularly rewarded during active gameplay after performing actions such as tapping a vehicle or playing the “spin the wheel” game. Throughout the game, you will have a series of quests to complete, each one rewarding you with coin tapping power ups or giant stacks of cash.

The crypto tab allows players to upgrade their tap levels. The goal is to get bigger and bigger tap levels to enable your coin tapping to be worth as much as possible per tap. Every 5 tap level upgrades completed, a new coin is unlocked which provides even more money generated per tap.

Crypto Trillionaire Crypto Tab

The hype tab, as shown below, adds another layer of fascination and intrigue to the game. Hype increases the overall amount of your earnings by a certain percentage depending on the item. Writing a book about crypto gets you an added 15%. Launching an advertisement is a 25% increase, and giving a talk about crypto takes you up 35%.

While you are playing the game, tapping like there is no tomorrow, your miners are constantly generating massive amounts of profits. As you can see from the below photo, as of today, I am generating $342 million per second (that's not too shabby).

Crypto Trillionaire Hype Bonus

The last two tabs are called Fame and Shop. The fame tab displays a list of achievements, or trophies, that you have unlocked during the duration of your gameplay. The shop tab is pretty self-explanatory, as you can supplement your trillionaire journey with more gems, add-ons, characters, and boost abilities.

In-game purchases run rampant in this game, some only costing a dollar, and some going all the way up to $99. If you want to go balls to the wall mode, then put your money where your mouth is and pony up the extra dough. But, even without spending cash for upgrades, this game is still extremely fun and addicting.

The latest release of the game (August 2022), includes side hustles to work on while playing the game. The most recent event was minting and auctioning NFTs which lasted about 4 days.

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All in all, the crypto enthusiast simply cannot go wrong when it comes to playing this game. Are the earnings real? Not at all. Even so, playing is still entertaining and the replay value is second to none. I was able to make it to level 100 recently, which took me over a year, but it was worth it!

Take care and remember… Keep your fingers on the Pulse!

Ken's Game Review Score:


"This is my top favorite game I've played all year"

Crypto Trillionaire

** Price: Free with optional in-app purchases

** iOS: Download link

** Android: Download link

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