Fixed Income Strategy is Live!

Fixed Income Strategy is Live!

Fixed Income Strategy is Live

You asked for market neutral, you got it!

Let’s admit it… the recent bear market has been a bummer. Market sentiment has hit a record low, especially after the Terra and Celsius incidents occurred. Seasoned investors still have skin in the game, while newcomers to the space dried their feet off as soon as they got wet.

In the midst of the heartache and anxiety some investors have experienced, the bright-minded individuals at Cindicator have taken Stoic AI to a new level, including new trading strategies for down times such as this. Fixed Income has now officially been released to the public, available to all users with access to Binance Futures.

Investor Advantage

Stoic AI investors now have an improved advantage, choosing from two different strategies to manage their crypto assets within the same application. It means that right now is the perfect time to get involved with each strategy, as the market prices are low. The only direction to go is up from here and you can ride that wave with specifically tailored, Stoic AI strategies.

Fixed Income is 100% passive, as it does not need daily monitoring. Your time is precious, and it could instead be spent on learning new skills to improve your life and the lives of others. Stoic AI will do the heavy lifting, performing each intricate trade so that you don’t have to. All you get is results. Period.

Fixed Income Earnings and Costs

Stoic’s Fixed Income strategy aims to steadily grow your portfolio (up to 20% APY) by automatically purchasing spot assets, then shorting them simultaneously on the Futures market.

Earnings are acquired via the Binance funding fee, a commission paid out to futures sellers about every 8 hours. Stoic AI’s algorithm regularly rebalances long and short positions to mitigate risks and improve gains.

Fixed Income Results

Stoic charges 5% based on initial capital deposited into your Binance account. If you deposit more at a later date, the 5% will apply to that amount as well.

Important note: If you are running both Long-only and Fixed Income strategies at the same time, you pay 5% across the board, not per exchange account. Stoic will manage multiple strategies at no extra or hidden cost.

What is happening to Long-only strategy?

Long-only strategy is still live and is very usable. In fact, long-only is our most successful strategy to date, and Fixed Income is poised to run right beside it, both holding their flags high as they aim to produce yield for your crypto portfolios.

One Stoic AI account supports multiple strategies (stay tuned for our Long Short launch), each one having its own risk ratio and rate of returns / drawdowns.

How Do I Get Started?

To get started with Fixed Income, simply follow the prompts within the Stoic AI app to:

1.   Open a new Binance sub-account

2.   Fund your new sub-account with at least $500 in any crypto

3.   Create an API key and scan the QR code

The above steps are explained in the onboarding walkthrough within the app. Don’t have the app? Visit either the Google Play store or the App Store to download and create an account (or sign up via web-app).

To Conclude

Right now is the best time to get involved with crypto trading bots. Prepare now for the coming bull run and get ahead of the game. Positioning is key in trading, making buying low and selling high a prerequisite of success.

Got additional questions? Please refer to this article or reach out to our support team at [email protected].

As always, remember... Keep your fingers on the Pulse!

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Author: Ken Melendez

✍️ Head of Content @ Cindicator
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Who is Cindicator?

Cindicator is a world-wide team of individuals with expertise in math, data science, quant trading, and finances, working together with one collective mind. Founded in 2015, Cindicator builds predictive analytics by merging collective intelligence and machine learning models. Stoic AI is the company’s flagship product that offers automated trading strategies for cryptocurrency investors. Join us on Telegram or Twitter to stay in touch.


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