Emergence DAO: Gamify Trading to Save Bees

Emergence DAO: Gamify Trading to Save Bees

It’s time for Emergence.

A new DAO (which uses the Cindicator Hybrid Intelligence technology) launches to learn from natural systems such as a beehive and apply this knowledge to crypto trading. In its gamified experience, you can become a ‘bee’ to forage profit or join as a ‘beekeeper’ and allocate funds to the beehive’s trading strategy.

The beehive’s trading strategy has outperformed Bitcoin and returned +244% in USD since its inception date in January 2020.

The goal of Emergence, however, is more important than profit: save the wild bees from extinction, which threatens the whole world.

What does Emergence DAO do?

Emergence does three things:

  • apply insights from the symbiotic living systems to the market;
  • execute trading strategies;
  • distribute the management fee between DAO participants and fund initiatives to save bees.

Natural systems such as beehives, anthills, and mushroom rhizomes are highly complex networks. Yet unlike manmade organisations, they don’t require extensive communication to facilitate their progress.

If every member does their job, the whole system grows and thrives — without any meetings or centralised voting.

Emergence DAO applies this to crypto trading by simplifying tasks for each member (‘bees’). They don’t even need to communicate with each other. Most tasks are automated. Everyone works as part of a hive to produce one weekly trading signal.

Then, the crypto trading strategy algorithmically executes the trades. Anyone can allocate to the strategy (and become a ‘beekeeper’).

At the end of each month, the best bees get rewards in crypto, beekeepers get the profit, and part of the profit funds initiatives to save bees.

But, to be charitable we need to be profitable.

The trading performance: +244% since 2020

The strategy utilises the power of Superforecasters, the group of decentralised analysts who make forecasts consistently more accurate than the general public. The Cindicator Hybrid Intelligence technology allows the list of top performing analysts to be updated regularly. The strategy then trades based on inputs from the best analysts during the latest market cycles. You can get to know all aspects about Cindicator Superforecasters in the blog post, which were initially represented in May 2020.

The strategy holds USDC and forms short-term Bitcoin long positions, maintaining a 1:2 risk/reward ratio seeking to catch local upsides of the market. The strategy is wrapped into ERC-20 token – The Emergence BTC strategy (ticker: BTCEM), where the underlying programmed algorithm (smart contract) executes trades on top DEXes. It makes the strategy fully decentralised – no need to register and pass verification at centralised exchanges and hold funds on a third-party wallet, just connect your crypto wallet and buy the token to get access to sophisticated Emergence BTC strategy.

Emergence BTC strategy performance
Emergence BTC strategy chart

During the first phase of Emergence DAO, Emergence BTC strategy tokens will be traded on the TokenSets Platform. Furthermore, liquidity can be provided to decentralised exchanges that will allow purchases of BTCEM directly through DEXes.

Why bees?

Bees are dying across the world.

This threatens to destroy thousands of plants, which could lead to global hunger and wars.

Emergence DAO follows the principles of a beehive and applies them to DAO management and crypto trading.

Each bee is tiny and fragile but together the beehive is a powerful and smart organism.

The beehive collects nectar from as far as 5 miles (8 km) away. If one bee finds some flowers, she can communicate this to others through dance. Other bees form elaborate networks to collect nectar from huge distances.

The market works the same way.

Each trader brings some information and expresses it by buying or selling. Other traders can pick up on the cues and form new trends. The market aggregates this information and expresses the current view of the value of whatever is traded.

This is not just a theory, it’s the result of years of experiments.

Meet Emergence builders

Emergence DAO is the vision and the work of a group of people with experience in crypto and symbiotic intelligence dating back to 2015.

The core group of early contributors to Emergence DAO are founders, employees, and community members of Cindicator. They gathered:

  • a community of over 179,079 crypto forecasters
  • collected 20,268,986 market predictions
  • managed over $130 million on behalf of HNWI, crypto OGs, and retail investors

At the core of this success was always the idea of learning from natural systems.

Emergence takes this to the next level, applying the lessons of decentralisation.

Now it calls for more members.

Why Emergence DAO connects with Cindicator

Emergence DAO utilises Cindicator’s technologies and trading strategies, plus Cindicator is facilitating the DAO’s launch and initial phase. Therefore, DAO will be sharing part of the revenue with Cindicator to ensure this service is developing. Cindicator itself will be sending monthly grants towards CND DAO based on this revenue, while CND DAO will take care of further development of the ecosystem and technologies that are a vital part of Emergence DAO. This way we create a positive feedback loop to ensure a symbiotic growth of DAO and more opportunities to serve our mission. CND DAO can also use the grants to burn CND tokens to bring more attention to the ecosystem. This flow may be changed in the future, subject to Emergence DAO’s decision.

Join Emergence

Emergence is an open DAO. Anyone can join. Check all details at http://emergence.finance

You’re ready, emerge now.