What is Stoic AI?
Stoic AI is Cindicator’s fully automatic portfolio manager. The app serves as a crypto-quant hedge fund for everybody that can earn profits while saving you time and avoiding costly trading mistakes.

Stoic will automatically manage your crypto portfolio on Binance using a trading strategy developed by the team behind hedge fund Cindicator Capital. We utilize a long-only index strategy for the top-30 altcoins, rebalanced daily to ensure your portfolio remains stable and growing.

✔️ No time or skills needed — it’s 100% automatic
✔️ Affordable, 5% management fee — no hidden costs, everything earned by Stoic belongs to you
✔️ Withdraw funds any time — no lockup
✔️ Minimum starting amount is just $1000 USDT

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Links to the app:
App Store Google Play
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What do I need to start using Stoic AI?
A Binance Global or Binance US account

Stoic will manage all funds available in your Spot balance.
  • A Binance sub-account will work as well.
  • Please note to use a verified Binance account (intermediate verification required) to link to Stoic.

What crypto you have in your Binance account before connecting Stoic does not matter as Stoic will form your portfolio on it’s own the first day of trading.
What are the minimum and maximum balance amounts that Stoic AI can manage?
The minimum amount to start using Stoic AI is $1000 worth of any cryptocurrency in your Binance account.

There is no maximum limit to the amount of funds Stoic can manage.
Please note:
  • clients with more than $100,000 in Stoic management get VIP 24/7 support;
  • clients with more than $500,000 can directly communicate with Cindicator's Head of Products anytime they want;
  • clients with more than $900,000 can directly communicate with Cindicator's founders anytime they want.
What are the fees for Stoic AI?
Stoic AI has two types of fees: initial and deposit.
All fees are for management purposes only and we will not ask a percentage for performance, profits, or withdrawals.
All profits made by Stoic go directly towards trading in the next rebalancing phase.

Initial fee is annual

You pay a 5% initial annual fee during the setup based on ****the number of funds you give Stoic to manage (equal to the number of funds on the Binance account you connect to Stoic).
If Stoic detects more funds than stated during the setup, it will ask for the appropriate fee amount. A year after your initial payment, Stoic will ask for 5% again based on the amount you have at that moment to ensure another amazing year with Stoic automated management 🚀

Deposit fees

Once you add more crypto to your Binance account on top of the initial amount, we'll ask you to pay the additional 5% fee on the deposit amount for the rest of your pre-paid year.
You will receive the payment details by e-mail.
Note to deposit in crypto only:
  • Stoic cannot detect deposits in fiat, even if you converted them into crypto after the deposit has been made. If you did make a deposit in fiat, convert your deposit into USDT and send us a message inside the app letting us know the deposit amount. We will perform a recalculation and updated fees will appear within the next few hours 😃.
  • Stoic does not see any transfers between your Spot and Margin/Futures wallets.
  • If you connected Stoic to your main Binance account and made transfers between your main and sub-account, Stoic will not be able to detect the deposit from the sub-account. In that case, please send a message in-app and we will do a recalculation. Updated fees will appear within the next few hours 😃
Stoic will not ask for fees if they are less than 30 USDT. It starts trading with small deposits automatically. Then, once you add enough deposits for more than $30 USDT fees in sum, Stoic will ask you to pay them.

Still have questions about Stoic?
You can find all answers in our knowledge base or feel free to contact us.
Stoic knowledge base
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