Our Company

Known for assembling predictive analytics by merging collective intelligence and machine learning models together, Cindicator was founded back in 2015. The team consists of unique and talented individuals with robust education and experience in quant trading, finance, mathematics, and data science. The Stoic AI app launched in 2020, ushering in a new wave of AI-based crypto trading automation.
Since 2015 we're successfully building Cindicator - a Hybrid Intelligence ecosystem for market analysis, assets management and trading, including Collective Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence solutions.
All of it is at the core of our strategies, that are working on different scenarios for different tasks - saving money, highly profitable investments or medium risk assets management.


History of Project

The Evolution of Our Intelligence Platforms: From Crowd Intelligence to Stoic AI

Our journey began with the development of a Crowd Intelligence platform, which quickly caught the eye of venture funds and incubators. It was a great success, with over 200k users, and continued to flourish for several years. However, we knew that transformation was inevitable. We then created Indicators AI, SuperForecasters platform, and MacroSentiments project, constantly revamping our approach to find the perfect assets-management solution for our users. After years of searching, we eventually arrived at our final destination: Hybrid Intelligence - Stoic AI.

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2015 Foundation
Pre-seed, MVP 2016
2017 Token sale
CND ATH, Long Only MVP 2018
2020 Stoic MVP, SF and MS launch
Stoic App launch 2021
2021 $130M AUM
2022 FI, L-S and Meta launch
3 new exchanges, Meta LO launch 2023

Our Products

Our path to success was not easy – it took dedication and perseverance. We created three unique products at different times, developing and enhancing each one until we reached our goal: the creation of Stoic AI. Through these challenges, we learned to innovate and improve our products. We took the time to refine and enhance each one until we achieved our ultimate goal of creating Stoic AI.


Flagship product

An innovative Hybrid Intelligence for assets management. Based on our previous products, we created more than 200 trading strategies, using power and possibilities of machine learning and AI, unique opportunities of our Crowd Intelligence platform and precision of highly professional quantitative analysts. We succeeded to pack difficult and innovative solutions in the form of simple and good-looking mobile app, so everybody, who wants to manage their assets could get a chance and tool for that.

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  • Forecasters

    One of a kind Crowd Intelligence platform with more than 200k users. We rewarded people for their predictions, using data for analysis and strategies for HF and AI

  • Indicators

    Based on Forecasters platform we created trading platform, providing our customers with unique data and indicators for assets management and trading

  • Macro Sentiments

    Macro Sentiments are indicators for the US stock market created by Cindicator’s 180,000 decentralized analysts. Sentiments have over 70% win rate for the S&P500