Stoic AI – Crypto Trading at its Finest

Stoic AI – Crypto Trading at its Finest
Stoic AI Crypto Trading at its Finest

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Trust issues are running rampant in the crypto space here at the end of 2022. Many people have lost money as a result of the FTX bankruptcy, causing investors to also lose trust in the industry as a whole. Doom and gloom have been hovering over the waters for many weeks and months with practically no light viewable at the end of the tunnel.

Fortunately, many good actors with innovative ideas desire to move the crypto industry forward, helping investors build up their portfolios. The news outlets will spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt into the minds of the general public, but it is important to look past that to discover what is truly happening within honest businesses, projects, and communities.

Crypto Trading

Financial trading has been around for decades, centuries even. Trading itself dates all the way back to the bartering system where people would trade wood for wheat, or clothing for fruits. Fast forward all the way to the 21st century where investors are trading crypto assets on exchanges.

What is the point of crypto trading anyways? Investors often trade one cryptocurrency for another due to the underlying belief that the coin they just sold will either go down or remain the same value, while the coin they bought will go up in value. Buying low and selling high is how portfolios experience growth over time.

Crypto trading began with manual trades, as crypto bots had not been invented quite yet. Bitcoin and Ethereum were the main coins (and still are) back then, and exchange users would trade BTC for ETH and vice versa, in expectation of gain, or profits. As the industry progressed rapidly due to demand for crypto assets and services, automatic crypto trading was born.

Stoic Automation
Stoic Automation

Stoic AI - A Time-Saving Solution

As great as manual trading is for various reasons, it undoubtedly takes up a lot of time and energy on a consistent basis. Time is arguably the most valuable resource human beings possess. Once it’s gone, it can never be obtained again in the future. What would happen if traders were able to get their time back and still obtain incredible results to help boost their portfolios?

Stoic AI was born to not only solve the time problem, but to take human emotion out of the trading equation, allowing proven algorithms to take a front seat. Stoic was born in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic when many were panic-stricken. The initial algorithmic strategy, Long Only, was tested for 2 years before launching on Stoic in both the Google Play and App Store.

Since that time, over 15,000 customers allocated over $129M in crypto assets for Stoic to trade with day and night, 7 days per week. Stoic members are getting their time back since they don’t have to log into an exchange and place trades for hours each day when they could be working on other projects.

Is Stoic a Crypto Bot?

Stoic is an app that runs on pre-built code based on years of quant research and hybrid intelligence. Once a user’s exchange account is integrated into Stoic, trading begins within 24 hours automatically, without anyone’s involvement.

A crypto bot can be defined as an algorithm that executes trades or manages a portfolio according to the protocol, or rules set in place before it. In that sense, Stoic does act as a crypto bot, but does so in a unique way that other bots on the market do not.

Once again, Stoic’s strategies, or algorithms, are the culmination of years of quantitative research and collective intelligence. Stoic is an app, or crypto bot, that specializes in growing investor’s portfolios no matter what market conditions are at play.

Stoic's Fixed Income Strategy results
Stoic's Fixed Income Strategy results

The Importance of Investing

Depending on what type of family someone grew up in, they may or may not have learned about the value of investing. In general, families or communities who are wealthy tend to teach future generations about the value of money. In order to get ahead financially, investing in assets is a critical piece of that puzzle.

Unfortunately, the majority of the population in the world does not possess proper money management skills. Instead, they tend to spend each paycheck, not paying themselves first nor putting any away in savings for the future.

Investing provides an opportunity to escape the rat race of running on a treadmill yet not actually going anywhere. Placing capital into assets that tend to grow over time is better than spending everything you have, and even worse, racking up loads of credit card debt.

“An asset is something that puts money in my pocket. A liability is something that takes money out of my pocket.” – Robert Kiyosaki


Trading has come a long way over the years, especially with the introduction of Bitcoin back in 2008. Since then, trading has evolved and shifted into various forms. In the end, each investor must decide for themselves which method of trading they want to pursue.

It is our firm belief that people should be free to live their lives on their own terms. By automating the trading process and investing with proven algorithms, headaches are relieved and time is given back to investors who want to move on with other pursuits.

Stoic AI will perform the heavy lifting, as that is what it was designed to do. No matter what your background or skill level, Stoic can help you in managing and building your portfolio to new heights moving into 2023 and beyond.

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