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Stoic is a crypto trading app utilizing artificial intelligence. Unlike most crypto trading bots on the market, Stoic offers profitable trading right out of the box without any additional settings to configure.

The automated trading strategy is a long-only portfolio of altcoins, rebalanced daily based on inputs from hedge fund grade quantitative research.
Since March 2020, Stoic’s trading strategy has returned over 2,143%, beating Bitcoin and most other benchmarks.
If you have a sizeable online audience, you can make money by promoting Stoic to your audience.
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  • High average purchase: >$200
  • Fast support for affiliates
  • Personal discounts for affiliates
  • Transparent, detailed statistics
How to join Stoic’s affiliate program:
You can become Stoic’s partner in just a few steps:
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Get paid when your referrals use Stoic!
The cryptocurrency market is volatile, creating massive opportunities for automated trading strategies like Stoic to buy low, sell high, and grow investors’ portfolios. We need YOU to help promote our hands-free product to the world utilizing your influence and expertise in the crypto space.

Now is the time to help your audience benefit from the incredible features that Stoic has to offer!
Make money by referring your audience to Stoic
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