What is Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin?

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What is Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin?

Many people today have heard about cryptocurrency either through the news or from friends and family. As it currently stands, the most popular and widely known coin in the crypto world is Bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is the world’s first peer-to-peer, autonomous, cryptographic network that successfully solved the double spend problem. Bitcoin is also a digital currency or cryptocurrency, born and utilized in the virtual world. In simple terms – a digital version of money.

Bitcoin is used to purchase goods and services, but today, not all outlets can accept cryptocurrency, and in some countries it is completely prohibited.

Bitcoin is made up of multiple lines of computer code and therefore cannot be printed like physical money can. Bitcoin’s volatility can be affected by big news stories or large companies such as PayPal who allowed its customers to trade in Bitcoin, positively impacting the growth of Bitcoin on exchanges.

How to Obtain Bitcoin

It is necessary to understand that Bitcoin is digital value stored in a digital wallet for each user, and only the owner can send his or her coins to other users. Each transaction is tracked in a specialized ledger called a blockchain to validate transactions and maintain the safe delivery of coins.

Ways to acquire Bitcoin:

1. Purchase with fiat money on an exchange

2. Trade other cryptocurrency for bitcoin

3. Mine with a computer(s)

4. Provide a product or service to earn bitcoin

5. Go to a physical bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin Logo
Bitcoin Logo

In order to “get” bitcoin using a computer, you need special equipment and powerful processors / graphics cards. However, today, the cost of upgrading a computer, as well as the cost of electricity, is too expensive for the average person to mine bitcoin.

The Bitcoin system requires incredibly complex mathematical problems for miners to solve. For solving these problems, the system pays in bitcoin to a wallet of your choosing.

Why is Bitcoin Important?

What’s great about Bitcoin is that it is not subject to government or institutional control. Also, all transactions are anonymous and coin holders do not need to give up their personal data for any reason. This attracts people from different countries to use Bitcoin to transact with.

One of the most well-known supporters of cryptocurrency is Elon Musk. Musk has repeatedly declared his support for “electronic money”, and he himself is the holder of several crypto coins, including bitcoin. Also, according to Musk’s statement, his total capital increased thanks to Bitcoin trading on crypto exchanges.

Bitcoin is important because it puts the people back in control of their money; money that was specifically built for the internet. 21st century technology yearns for 21st century currency that can keep up with the ever-changing innovation landscape.

Is Bitcoin Safe to Use?

Since each valid transaction is etched into the public blockchain after a handful of confirmations, it is permanent and completely irreversible. The only way to lose your crypto is to accidentally send it to the wrong address, lose your backup seed phrase to your wallet, or fall victim to a hacker.

The exchange rate, or price, of Bitcoin on exchanges has fluctuated both up and down since 2009. An investor must take into account the fact that the price is unstable yet remains relatively high compared to other assets in existence.

Bitcoin uses what is called proof-of-work as a means of validating each transaction and keeping the network safe from hackers. PoW employs the help of electricity to power each physical miner, or computer, which solves complex mathematical equations and earns BTC for completing each puzzle successfully.

Unlike a bank or a credit card company, data and value on the Bitcoin network is decentralized, meaning that it is widespread throughout thousands of computers all across the world, making it quite safe and secure.

Bitcoin Distributed Network
Bitcoin Distributed Network


In conclusion, Bitcoin is both a peer-to-peer distributed ledger, as well as a cryptocurrency which is normally referred to with a lowercase b. The Bitcoin whitepaper was released back in 2008, with the first coin mined in January 2009. Adoption was slow at first, but the asset has now become a force to be reckoned with as more companies and investors around the world are taking notice.

What is Bitcoin? It is an essential piece of the future of money and financial systems around the world. Bitcoin serves as the first digital money system to solve the double spend problem, with multiple different cryptocurrencies and blockchains created since then to expand on the technology that Bitcoin originally pioneered.

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