Top 5 Best Crypto Credit Cards on the Market in 2023

Top 5 Best Crypto Credit Cards on the Market in 2023

Top 5 Best Crypto Credit Cards on the Market in 2023

Crypto credit and debit cards
Crypto credit and debit cards


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If you’re someone looking to spend crypto assets on day-to-day transactions such as buying coffee or gasoline, or to earn crypto rewards on your purchases, then you may benefit from a crypto debit or credit card. Each card has its own perks as well as fees, making it important to research each product and decide which is the best fit for your situation.

Credit or debit?

First, it’s important to distinguish how crypto debit and credit cards function. A crypto debit card works the same way a traditional debit card would. Funds are immediately withdrawn from a user's balance at purchase.

With crypto debit cards, the funds can be withdrawn from a user’s crypto balance and immediately converted to FIAT at the point of purchase. Centralized exchanges like and Coinbase offer VISA debit cards, allowing users to spend their crypto without having to convert to FIAT.

Crypto credit cards, on the other hand, require credit checks and applications similar to traditional credit cards. Once approved, users can borrow money and earn crypto rewards on their purchases. The Gemini credit card offers users 1.5% crypto rewards on all purchases, with zero annual fees.

*Note: Though many of the cards listed below are for US customers, there is also an international option listed towards the end. Without further ado, here are the 5 best crypto credit cards on the market in 2023.

1. Venmo credit card (USA)

Venmo Credit Card
Venmo Credit Card


Coming in at the top of the list is the Venmo credit card. Even though they aren’t known for cryptocurrency, Venmo offers amazing crypto rewards at a rate of 3% cash back on top categories. Cardholders can convert their cash back rewards to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, or Litecoin with no transaction fees. These cryptocurrency rewards are then sent to accounts where users can buy, sell or hold onto it.

Another feature is that the card has your Venmo accounts' QR code displayed on the front. Friends and family simply need to scan your card to send you Venmo payments in FIAT or crypto. You can also split the dinner bill with your friends using this card. While the Venmo card isn’t primarily about crypto, its perks and Venmo compatibility makes it part of the conversation.

2. Coinbase debit card (USA)

Coinbase Debit Card
Coinbase Debit Card


The Coinbase debit card is a game changer. It gives Coinbase users the ability to spend their crypto assets at brick-and-mortar stores, anywhere that VISA is accepted. This is no small feat, as Coinbase is the world’s second largest centralized exchange.

With the Coinbase Card, you can spend cash or crypto, all while earning crypto rewards. Coinbase touts one of the most diverse crypto rewards options in the entire market. As well as doing so for free, with no annual or hidden fees. Users can earn up to 4% rewards in Stellar Lumens, among other currencies.

It is important to note that spending and swapping crypto assets using your Coinbase card is a taxable event. Please consult a tax advisor to better understand how using a Coinbase Card effects your tax situation.

3. BlockFi credit card (USA)

BlockFi Credit Card
BlockFi Credit Card


The BlockFi Credit Card is available to all BlockFi users in the United States. With 1.5% rewards in ETH, DOGE, LINK, UNI, USDC, DAI, and BUSD the asset rewards are quite diverse. Each month you can pick a new crypto asset to receive your cash back rewards in.

Users can earn up to 10% crypto rewards at thousands of retailers partnered with BlockFi such as Adidas, Shake Shack, Finish Line and Jared on top of the previous 1.5% rewards, making the effective rewards 11.5% at these retailers. No annual fee is required for this card.

Please note: good to excellent credit is required for a BlockFi Credit Card.

4. Ruby Steel debit card (USA) Ruby Steel Debit Card Ruby Steel Debit Card


The Ruby Steel Card comes with a staking requirement, or as some consider it, an annual fee. To qualify for a Ruby Steel Card, users must have a minimum $400 stake in CRO,’s native currency. Once qualified, users can earn 2% CRO back on every purchase which is paid out instantly.

Users are given free Spotify as an added perk, valued at $170 in annual savings. The staking requirement is basically acting as a credit card fee. While you will still own approximately 3608 CRO after a year (based on current pricing), its value is subject to volatility. CRO had a high of $.96 this year, it's currently trading around $.11.

The minimum staking requirement for the Ruby Steel Debit Card is 6 months.

5. Binance debit card (Best Global Card) (INTL)


With up to 8% BNB Rewards (tier based rewards) users can earn rewards on all purchases. In order to qualify for 8% rewards, you need to deposit 600 BNB into your balance. Holding just 1BNB qualifies for 2% BNB rewards on all purchases.

The Binance Card also offers free ATM withdrawals while waiving annual fees. The Binance Card is not available for customers in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, or New Zealand. However, it’s fair game in almost every EU country including; France, Germany, Italy, Poland, and Spain (Full List)

Picking out the right crypto credit card could take some time. Please make sure to consult a tax professional when determining which financial products make the most sense for your tax situation.

Crypto credit card chart

Below is a chart that breaks down each card in a concise format.


Debit or Credit


Reward %

Our Favorite Feature




3% on select categories

Venmo compatibility




4% Stellar Lumens on Everything

Spend your crypto anywhere VISA is accepted!




1.5% up to 11.5% at eligible retailers

Boosted Rewards


$400 CRO Staking requirement

2% CRO on all purchases + Free Spotify

Instant CRO Rewards




Up to 8% BNB Rewards on all purchases

Free ATM Withdrawals and BNB Rewards

Thank you for tuning in and as always...

Keep your fingers on the Pulse!


Are crypto credit cards safe to use?

Yes, just as safe as any other credit card.

Are crypto credit cards legal?

Yes, however, which cards are legal varies state by state, and country by country

How quickly can my card arrive to my home?

You can have a Coinbase Debit Card send to your home within a week!

What precautions should be considered with crypto credit cards?

Always consider your tax situation when deciding which rewards make the most sense. Buying, selling, and swapping cryptocurrencies are oftentimes taxable events.

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