Stoic App Update – Meta Strategy Replacing Long Short

Stoic App Update – Meta Strategy Replacing Long Short
Meta Strategy Replacing Long Short

Stoic AI began with a single strategy, Long Only, back in 2020. The response from members was quite positive as the app hit over $100M in AUM. Since then, the demand for supplementary solutions grew to new heights.

The development team went to work on adding Fixed Income and Long Short to the powerhouse lineup of automated trading strategies. These new additions expanded members’ options to help mature their crypto portfolios according to their risk-tolerance levels.

Back at the end of 2022, the soft launch of Meta strategy was introduced to existing members. The feedback from the community has provided good reason to restructure the format of the app to now include Meta strategy, therefore parting ways with Long Short strategy.

Long Short was introduced earlier in Q3 of 2022 with the intention of strictly trading Ethereum to take advantage of its volatile market swings. We are confident that switching from Long Short to Meta is the best choice for our users, as it will deliver stronger results in the short and long term.

What is Meta strategy?

Meta is a single trading strategy that utilizes a dozen sub-strategies at the same time to stay ahead of market conditions and minimize drawdown. It took our teams over 5 years to develop, test, and implement. Let’s just say that this strategy is a force to be reckoned with.

Meta contains a total of 200+ sub-strategies that exploit various market inefficiencies, assigning weights to the best of the best depending on the current market environment. Even when the market is crashing, this strategy keeps its head above water to grow members’ portfolios.

Do current Long Short users need to take any action?

The switch from Long Short to Meta happened seamlessly behind the scenes. No further action is required for those already signed up with Long Short. We look forward to delivering an even more powerful strategy that was built from the ground up for your benefit.

For those who have less than $1000 in their current Long Short account - we strongly recommend to top up their balance to at least $1000 to allow the strategy to work properly. $5000 is preferred for the optimal Meta experience, which was the required amount for soft launch users (but is not mandatory for Stoic AI).

What should members expect from Meta?

Please don’t look at Meta as a get-rich-quick method of making money. Instead, understand that it is a first-class method of getting ahead financially over the long run without the hassle of manual trading.

As shown below, the strategy regularly outperforms other assets regardless of market conditions due to its long-short neutrality. This means that the number of assets set to be shorted is the same as the number of long assets.

When the market goes up, Meta makes money on the long side but loses money on short positions, and vice versa, making for a low maximum drawdown of -9.94% in comparison to Bitcoin -76.63% and Ethereum -79.30%.

Thanks to the low drawdown, Meta captures admirable risk-adjusted returns measured by Sharpe and Calmar ratio methods. Please view our strategy factsheet for in-depth details.

Expect an awesome ride as Meta works to expand your portfolio to new heights. Keep your mind focused on the long-term and trust the process of 200+ sub-strategies trading in your favor.

Moving forward

As the year advances, we will continue making updates to Stoic that benefit each and every user. We firmly believe that Meta strategy is a powerful and foundational addition to the app that users will gain value from. Long Short was a great solution, but Meta performs even better which strongly enabled us to make this decision.

Our team is always ready to respond to questions or concerns. Feel free to reach out to [email protected] or join our on-going Telegram chat.

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