A Fresh Look at Stoic's Strategies

A Fresh Look at Stoic's Strategies

Stoic has witnessed a plethora of changes in recent days. Starting in 2020, the app contained a single strategy, Long Only, that helped catapult users’ crypto portfolios by leaps and bounds. Many of those users then continued on with Stoic for second and third years based upon the results they frequently witnessed.

Stoic is more than just your average web and phone application. It is a complete, automated solution to crypto trading and portfolio management. Nothing that Stoic does is complicated for users. In fact, the development team is continually making simplicity improvements to enhance the navigation experience.

Let’s take a look into Stoic and cross-examine the new and beginning strategies that have helped thousands of traders get ahead of the crypto markets.

The OG – Long Only

Long Only is the original portfolio rebalancing strategy that launched on Stoic back in 2020 in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. Long Only was developed utilizing alpha from the Cindicator app, a hybrid intelligence platform collecting wisdom of the crowd to develop strong market indicators for investors.

The OG strategy still exists today inside of the Stoic app and is being optimized to work even better than it has performed in the past. Stoic’s development team is improving performance on the backend to sharpen the blades and point the arrows even closer to the strategy’s target numbers.

Long Only purchases long positions in the top 30 coins most likely to increase then sells those estimated to decrease. Performance of this strategy is optimal during uptrends. The best time to allocate funds to Long Only is during a bear market or a strong market correction, as the ride back up will be supercharged in comparison.

The Multi-cycle strategy - Fixed Income

As alluded to earlier, 2022 was a strong year for Stoic, especially with the birth of Fixed Income strategy back in September.

Fixed Income is an automated, market-neutral trading strategy that aims to provide returns regardless of turbulent market conditions. When you think of Fixed Income, think of the word steady. The crypto market could see a 5%, 10%, or even 20% fluctuation within a 24-hour period, but Fixed Income’s algorithm keeps the numbers in check for seamless, steady portfolio growth.

Many traders in the crypto sphere have a more conservative approach to investing. Fixed Income is Stoic’s method of leaning into that mindset, acting as a heavy anchor amidst the wavy instabilities in the crypto market. Even though this strategy is not fit for everyone, it is fine-tuned for the risk-averse investor who appreciates a more modest approach to portfolio building.

Fixed Income works by first buying spot assets, then shorting them simultaneously on the Futures market. The highest performance from this strategy happens during a bull run phase yet preserves your portfolio in a steady state of growth despite sharp uptrends or downturns in the market.

The Powerhouse – Meta strategy

A proud moment in Stoic history came at the end of last year when Meta was soft launched to a select group of investors. Meta is a powerhouse trading strategy that took over 5 years of research and development, not to mention testing to make sure that it was fully optimized for top-level performance.

Imagine that you invest not in a single asset, and not even in a single strategy, but in a dozen strategies at the same time. Not to mention, these strategies are chosen dynamically from hundreds of others to be efficient specifically for the current market environment.

The team has collected over 20 million predictions on our collective intelligence platform from more than 179k decentralized contributors. The result is enhanced quantitative strategies used to form unique algorithms based on hybrid intelligence.

Our developers have built a complex trading system that is able to combine various types of strategies to execute the stack together for thousands of clients on diverse infrastructures including spot and futures markets. Meta has a strikingly high performance level, even during a bear market as witnessed in 2022.

Though not in the app just yet (in progress), a Typeform is available to fill out and apply for an opportunity to get started with Meta.

The Best One to Choose

Since Stoic has 3 different strategies to choose from at the start of 2023, which one is the best to choose?

The strategy chosen is highly dependent on your risk tolerance levels in addition to your investment personality. Do you find yourself more on the aggressive side of the equation or are you a bit more reserved when it comes to your financial goals?

Keep in mind, investors are not limited simply to a single strategy. Feel free to utilize all three and see which one you prefer. A new Binance account or sub-account will need to be created for each strategy chosen. For instance, if two strategies are chosen, then you will need at least two Binance accounts or sub-accounts dedicated specifically to each strategy.

Long Only, Fixed Income, and Meta are all good choices, especially now as the market is still bearish and is yet to reach full momentum. The key is to act if you are still sitting on the fence as it will help set you up for a brighter financial future.

Questions? Reach out to [email protected] or simply join the ongoing conversation in our official Telegram chat!


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