Special Announcement: Our Proudest Achievement to Date – META Strategy Soft Launch!

Special Announcement: Our Proudest Achievement to Date – META Strategy Soft Launch!
Meta Strategy Soft Launch

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Did you find a gem? No, we created it.

Imagine that you invest not in a single asset, and not even in a single strategy, but in a dozen strategies at the same time. In addition, these strategies are chosen dynamically from hundreds of others to be efficient specifically for the current market environment.  

No matter what's going on in the market - whether it's bullish or bearish, a crypto portfolio like you are about to witness, still generates wealth.

Time spent drawing patterns from technical analysis, reading Twitter, and guessing the market tops and bottoms can now become freed up and used for other purposes.

It took 5 years to make the dream a reality - Please welcome Meta strategy!

Cindicator spent a lot of resources and completed hundreds of experiments and researches to develop this complex, scientific product. To specify:

  • Our quant team has created 200+ trading strategies that were inspired by expert mathematicians’ original ideas of exploiting various market inefficiencies
  • We have collected more than 20 million predictions from over 179,000 decentralized analysts at Cindicator Collective Intelligence Platform to help enhance quantitative strategies or form unique algorithms based on Hybrid Intelligence
  • Our developers have built a complex trading system that is able to combine all types of strategies (long-only and long-short) and execute this stack together for thousands of clients on different infrastructures (spot and futures markets).
  • We spent years forward-testing those strategies utilizing our time and capital to be confident in their stable efficiency. In the end, we offer our clients a proven, working product rather than just an optimized backtest like many players on the market use to demonstrate to investors.

What makes Meta strategy unique?

First of all, Meta has a distinctly high performance, particularly in 2022, a tough year for the entire crypto market. For example, no assets from the list of Top 200 tokens by market capitalization on January 1st, 2022 outperforms Meta strategy year to date.

Meta's Performance

Second, it’s a synergy of the algorithms. With over 200 sub-strategies that are exploiting different market inefficiencies, Meta assigns weights to the best of the best depending on the current market environment.

As an example, throughout Q4 2022, Meta deployed 17 different strategies on an hourly basis, assigning and rebalancing weights between them. Depending on the direction of the market, a set of utilized strategies can either be extended or cut down.

Thanks to a wide variety of sub-strategies, Meta provides stable and uncorrelated returns no matter what events are occurring in either crypto or traditional markets.

Third, due to high diversification, Meta has a moderate risk level. Crypto is an extremely volatile market, and, despite incredibly high returns, a poorly chosen entry point can destroy your portfolio within a couple of weeks.

The last two months were no exception to volatility. Since November, Bitcoin has lost 18.8% while experiencing daily drawdowns of up to -15%. Meta strategy displays its stability in such periods and on the contrary, gains profit.

Meta strategy keeps a low maximum drawdown - 9.94% in comparison to Bitcoin - 76.63% and Ethereum - 79.30%.  Thanks to this, the strategy has excellent risk-adjusted returns measured by Sharpe and Calmar ratio methods. Please check out the strategy factsheet for more details:

Last but not least

For us as a company, Meta strategy is our proudest achievement to date with an extreme amount of effort put into its development. Apart from our own hard work, Meta’s development would not have been possible without the support from our community.

While Meta is not yet available to the general public, as a thank you to our community, we are onboarding the most valuable and committed users to onboard and witness the results for themselves.

Due to Meta’s singularity and limited capacity, there is a max of 50 slots up for grabs, with 34 of them already filled. Sign-up is available here while seating is prioritized as follows:

  1. CND token holders / Stoic users since 2020
  2. Stoic users since 2021
  3. Stoic users since 2022

In addition, the more funds allocated to your account, the higher your onboarding priority will be. We want to add as much value as we can by providing our in-house scientific resources to each user of the strategy.

If you find yourself in one of the above-mentioned categories, please fill out the Typeform here to become 1 of 50 exclusive users to participate in the very first Meta launch. Spots are filling up fast, so don’t hesitate to act!


Who is eligible to connect Meta strategy?

Meta is not yet available to the general public. The strategy is available only for  CND token holders and existing Stoic users. The available slots are limited and prioritized as follows:

  1. CND token holders / Stoic users since 2020
  2. Stoic users since 2021
  3. Stoic users since 2022

Will Meta be added to the Stoic app and available to the general public?

Down the road we expect that to happen. But, in the meantime, we are onboarding our most valuable and committed users.

Where can I check Meta's performance / How Meta is trading on my account?

Even though Meta is not yet available in the Stoic app, it executes trades within your Binance account. As usual, you can check the performance directly in your account. Do not place any manual trades while Meta is active.

What do I need to connect Meta strategy?

If you are CND token holder or existing Stoic user, you need to have a Binance  account with the ability to trade futures, then fill out the Typeform here.

Whom can I contact to connect Meta strategy?

To connect Meta strategy, you simply need to fill out the Typeform here. Afterwards, our colleagues will contact you with detailed information.

Is there a minimum amount of funds that need to be deposited into Meta strategy?

Yes, the minimum funds required is $5,000

Is there a fee for funds managed by Meta strategy?

Yes, there is a 3% management fee per annum paid upfront and 30% performance fee per quarter based on High Water Mark.

How to pay a 30% performance fee?

Every quarter we will reach out to you with last quarter's statistics. If there's profit we'll calculate the performance fee and will ask you to pay it in crypto.

How can I stop using Meta strategy?

Remember to not execute trades manually. To stop the strategy altogether, reach out to support in the in-app chat.

When can I stop using Meta strategy?

Anytime. To stop the strategy just reach out to support in the in-app chat.

How can I withdraw gains?

To stop the strategy or to withdraw / deposit funds, reach out to support in the in-app chat.

I’ve already paid for the Long Only /  Long Short / Fixed Income strategy, do I have to pay for Meta strategy again?

Yes, you will have to pay for Meta separately. Moreover, there are two types of fees included for Meta.

Are there any discounts for CND token holders to use Meta strategy?

CND token holders have a priority in the onboarding queue as access to Meta strategy is limited.

I've filled out the form and already paid the fees, how long does it take to start trading in my account?

It takes a maximum of 48 hours to connect your account to Meta and begin execution.

How do I know that trading has started in my account?

You will receive an email mentioning that your account has been successfully connected and trading has started. Moreover, you will see the execution of trades in your Binance account.

How often does Meta strategy execute trades?

Meta strategy performs hourly weight rebalancing between sub-strategies, so trades should occur every hour. If you notice that there are no trades in your account, please reach out to support in the in-app chat.

How do I get support?

If you do not find the answers to your questions above, contact our support in the in-app chat.

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