$1 Million Prizes! Stoic’s Bull Run Friends Marathon

$1 Million Prizes! Stoic’s Bull Run Friends Marathon

Last month, Stoic launched a referral program that lets anyone invite their friends and get up to 50% off for automated smart crypto investing with AI. Today, we’re excited to launch a contest with up to $1 million in prizes!

What is Stoic?

You probably already know what Stoic is, but in case somebody has sent you this page, let’s make a formal intro.

Stoic is an app for smart crypto investing with AI. Stoic’s algorithm automatically builds and rebalances a long-only altcoins portfolio based on quant research. Since Stoic’s algorithm launched in March 2020 (even before the mobile app), it returned +1,833%, beating both Bitcoin and Crypto20, a crypto index.

Anyone with at least $1,000 on a Binance account (global or US) can connect Stoic. The fees are just 4-5% a year, paid upfront in USDT as ERC-20.

Over 10,000 people already connected Stoic to accounts holding over $95 million in crypto assets.

Yet still relatively few people know about Stoic. This is about to change.

The Bull Run Friends Marathon

To celebrate the first anniversary of Stoic’s launch, we’re running the Bull Run Friends Marathon, a contest to see who can invite the most friends — and win big.

Why do this? Crypto investing is fun and profitable but it’s even better with friends. It’s great to have someone to celebrate the bull run and support each other during inevitable corrections (remember: volatility is the price of these high returns in crypto).

Referral discounts are already a win-win. If you invite at least 5 friends, you’ll get a 50% discount for Stoic’s fees — for all future deposits, forever! Even if you’ll invite fewer friends, you’ll still get 10% off for each referral.

And now with this contest, one lucky winner will also get a massive jackpot added to their Stoic account.

The $1 million prize fund

The rules are simple: be an active Stoic user and invite as many friends as possible for a chance to win the jackpot!

The contest will run for two months from 1 October until 30 November.

The more participants there would be, the higher would be the jackpot. Here’s how this will work.

Number of participants


0 - 500


1,001 - 2,000


2,001 - 4,000


4,001 - 6,000


6,001 - 8,000


8,001 - 10,000


10,000 +


A participant is any active Stoic user, who (1) paid the fees additional deposits of at least $1,000 deposits during the marathon and (2) invited at least one friend who also paid for Stoic.

Stoic already has over 10,000 users, so if everybody invites just one friend, the jackpot would be $1 million.

You’ll be able to track how many friends have joined with your referral link in the app. For the first five friends, you’ll see your referrals right in the app in the ‘Profile’ > ‘Referral program’ screen. You can invite even more friends but that will not be reflected in the app. Several times a week, we’ll send you an email with the number of your referrals.

The winner will be determined by a random draw after the contest is finished. Here is how this will work:

  • Stoic will take a snapshot of all deposits and referrals, assigning a number to each $1,000.
  • Each $1,000 of your total assets will count as one raffle ticket — you’ll be assigned a ticket for each $1k you and your referrals put into an account connected to Stoic.
  • Random.org will generate a random number, which will determine the winning raffle ticket.

So the bigger your joint deposit (yours and all your friends), the higher will be your chance of winning.

The winner will be announced on December 20 and they’ll get their jackpot deposited right to their Stoic account. For someone, Christmas would come early this year.

Frequent questions

The rules are simple but you might still have some questions.

What if I already invited friends to Stoic?

That’s great! You’re already in. If you’ve invited someone with your referral link (and they signed up and paid the fee), this means you’re automatically counted as one of the participants.

If you’ve invited someone before the referral program kicked off, you’ll need to invite someone else. We’d love to count the friends you’ve invited earlier as well but it’s simply not feasible.

You can find your referral link in the Stoic app’s ‘Profile’ > ‘Referral program’ screen.

Anywhere you want! Feel free to share it on your social media. But it’s best to send it to people you know. That way you can explain what Stoic is and perhaps even help them onboard (some people still struggle with basic things like signing up for Binance and using USDT).

How would I get the prize?

The lucky winner will get the prize deposited directly to their Binance account connected to Stoic. Of course, it would be also possible to withdraw all or some of the money — just like any regular withdrawal from Binance.

What to do if I’ve invited a friend but that doesn’t show up in the app?

First, please check with the friend:

  1. Did they sign up with your link? In the Stoic app, they should see the special welcome screen for referrals.
  2. Did they pay Stoic’s fees via USDT as ERC-20?
  3. Did Stoic see the fee and reflected that in their app?

If after that, Stoic still doesn’t reflect your referrals, please send a message to the support team via Stoic’s in-app chat.

What if I have other questions?

You can ask your question in the Stoic app by sending a message via in-app chat. There probably would be lots of enquiries, but rest assured that your question will be answered.

What’s next

Now is the time to act!

  1. Sign up in Stoic and pay the fees,
  2. Invite your friends and make sure they've paid their fees.

Just open your Stoic app, head to ‘Profile’ > ‘Referral program’ and share your invite link in any messenger of your choice.

To help you answer your friends’ questions about Stoic, here are some helpful links:

And of course, invite your friends to the Cindicator chat. We can’t wait to welcome all your friends in Stoic and the Cindicator ecosystem!

By participating in this contest, you agree to be bound by Competition Terms and Conditions, including Supplementary Rules for “Bull Run Friends Marathon”.