Supplementary Rules for “Bull Run Friends Marathon”

These are the Supplementary Rules to Competition Terms and Conditions.

a. The Competition Start date is October 1, 2021, at 00:00 UTC, the End date is November 30, 2021, at 23:59 UTC.

b. The prize value depends on the number of entrants. The maximum prize is 1,000,000 USDT sent to a winner’s Binance account connected to Stoic.

c. The winner will be selected randomly using the service, or another service chosen by Stoic at its sole discretion.

d. In order to participate in the Competition and to be eligible for the reward, an entrant should simultaneously fulfill the terms of the competition:

  1. Connect an account to Stoic with a minimum balance of $1000, and pay Stoic’s yearly fee to have Stoic launched on your account. If you’re already using Stoic, then simply make a new deposit of $1000 and pay the fee for it;
  2. Participate in Stoic referral program: bring a friend who connects their account to Stoic with a minimum balance of $1000.

e. The Jackpot value depends on the number of entrants according to the sheet below:

Number of entrants


0 - 500

5 000

1 001 - 2 000

100 000

2 001 - 4 000

200 000

4 001 - 6 000

400 000

6 001 - 8 000

600 000

8 001 - 10 000

800 000

10 001 +

1 000 000

f. All eligible entrants’ names will be copied to a participant’s list, then one winner will be randomly selected. The higher the entrant’s (and their referral) balance in Stoic, the more chances an entrant has to win. The fees paid for every $1000 balance resulting in adding your name to the list one more time;

g. The winner will be determined by December 20, 2021;

h. The prize will be transferred to the winner’s Stoic account until December 31, 2021, in the USDT cryptocurrency;

i. Stoic reserves the right to cancel and change the promotion and its rules at any time at its sole discretion.