The world’s first automated Halal crypto index
The moral and profitable way to enter the crypto market for the world’s 2 billion Muslims
The scriptures clearly speak against usury (aka debt) and investing in anything related to alcohol, tobacco, gambling, and other haram things.

It’s not only for those seeking to live in accordance with Islamic law.

Just like with ethically-produced Halal meat, people of all confessions can abide by these common-sense principles. Many people already invest that way without even knowing anything about Halal investing.
Why we created Stoic Halal
We believe crypto can also be Halal. That’s why we’re launching the first quantitative crypto strategy with a Halal-only universe of cryptocurrency assets.
The universe of Halal crypto excludes assets from lending and gambling platforms, including derivatives. Backtests show that this approach is not only moral but also profitable, outperforming both BTC and the equal-weighted index of all crypto assets.
Halal cryptos outperform
Stoic is the best way to put your crypto investment on autopilot.
Money never leave you wallet
No Lockups
AI (from Cindicator platform)
Start with just $1000
Beats market indexes
Fully Automated
Founded in 2015, Cindicator builds predictive analytics by merging collective intelligence and machine learning models. Our team is a synergy of individuals with expertise in maths, data science, quant trading, and finances working together with one collective mind.

Read more about Cindicator on the Company page or in media articles below.
Four of 10 of the world’s largest sovereign wealth funds belong to UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, with some $1.8 trillion in assets under management among them.

With growing crypto adoption across the world, these retail and institutional investors will flock to Halal crypto assets, bidding up the prices. You can get ahead of them.
Front-run the shift tO Halal assets
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