Automate your crypto investing for stable income in any market stage

Industry-leading APY rates on your crypto investments with no portfolio size restrictions.
Low risk strategy
Up to 15%
A 10%-20% APY reaches beyond the scope of average market rates.
High return rate
No waiting for approval. Withdraw your funds whenever you want.
Withdraw anytime
Your interest is accrued
every 8 hours.
Profits paid daily
Built to withstand severe turbulence during market fluctuations
Low risk profile
All trades occur exclusively within your Binance account.
Exchange-grade security
No matter how much you invest, the interest rate remains the same.
No interest rate limitations
Strategy at work
Check out the Fixed Income performance
in the recent months and market conditions.
How does it work:
  • 1
    Your investment is diversified into long positions across $1B+ capitalization coins.
  • 2
    Long positions in those coins are used to open short futures positions
  • 3
    Futures generate daily payouts to your portfolio
  • 4
    Stoic AI rebalances positions to lower risk and improve gains.
Frequently Asked Questions
Start receiving stable returns with Fixed Income today
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