Story from Stoic: David

Story from Stoic: David

Today we’re starting our soon to be regular format where we’re sharing interviews with the most valuable people of Stoic - our customers. And the bravest of them all is our first guest - David.

In order to respect his privacy, we won’t share personal details, and Stoic is represented by our marketing manager - Maria.

David's Story

Maria: I want to start with a huge thank you for supporting and joining me today. When we published the form, I didn’t expect a lot of responses, but here you are and even agreed for your interview to be published, so that’s a huge double-thank you from my side for sure.

David: Thank you for having me. I don’t think it’s such a big deal and it’s totally fine with me. Will be glad if it helps.

Maria: No doubts, let’s start. Can you give a brief intro about yourself?

David: Sure, so my name is David, I’m a product manager in a payment processing company, so crypto was on my radar for a while. Before jumping into it I wanted to understand how it works and still not fully sure how to spot a really promising reliable asset here. So I didn’t rush into it, and I guess I’m still careful.

Maria: Is it fair to say that your initial skepticism defined how you feel about trading, trading bots and Stoic?

David: Absolutely. Even though I personally know guys who make great profits in trading, I always thought "it’s not for me". Especially in crypto, where I’m not so sure of myself and my expertise. I knew it exists and works, but I didn’t know how to make it work for me.

Maria: Fully relatable, but how did you make this leap of faith to Stoic?

David: Initially, I was quite skeptical about the whole concept of automated trading and you know AI is everywhere now, so to be honest it was close to a red flag at the beginning. I had heard mixed reviews about some AI bots, so I wasn’t convinced. I heard about Stoic from a friend of mine, and I liked that you guys started to integrate AI even before this GPT madness, so this April I decided to give Stoic a chance.

Maria: I truly hope Stoic didn’t disappoint you

David: I can say that I’ve got what I want. Something that works without me, where I know my funds are safe and I don’t miss out. I think I’ve connected my Binance account within 5 mins, and that’s basically it. I picked Meta strategy, it seemed like a good way to start.

Maria: I often see how people expect “get rich quick” from crypto, and I’m glad to see it’s not your case. But even though we’re not about immediate profits, we want our clients to grow their portfolio. So I must ask, how would you rate Stoic performance?

David: Well, it exceeded my expectations, but I was so scared that I'd lose all my funds that even if I got +1% I would be happy. So far I made 7.57%, which for me covered the subscription fee and already gave steady profit. Knowing that BTC, for instance, dropped 6% at the same time, and I didn’t lift a finger to get the result is priceless. Plus, I think the next bull run will really show what it can do.

Maria: Truly happy to hear it! Not to bother you anymore with my questions, finally, what advice would you give to those who are considering automated bots in general and Stoic in particular?

David: The easiest way is to wait for some of your friends to try and tell you about it but it can take very long /laughs/. I guess my advice would be regular stuff: to do thorough research and understand the capabilities and track record of the bot you're considering. Especially the team behind it, cause for me this consistency you have with improving your AI was a huge point. And of course never invest the amount you can’t afford to lose, I believe there is no place for desperate decisions and desperate people in trading.

Maria: Thank you so much, David, for sharing your story with us today. And I absolutely agree that Stoic will show its full potential the next bull run, so fingers crossed and let’s hope for the best!

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