Stoic Web App is Here! Simple Crypto Trading Now on Any Device

Stoic Web App is Here! Simple Crypto Trading Now on Any Device

Since Cindicator’s Stoic publicly launched in September 2020, hundreds of thousands of people have installed the mobile app for iOS and Android. Yet some people prefer to use web apps, either because they don’t want to share their data with Google and Apple or simply because it’s easier to check their portfolios in the browser. Now they can use Stoic as a new web app!

What is Stoic?

In case you’re new, Stoic is an automated crypto trading app with AI. Developed by a hedge fund team, its software helps to rebalance top crypto assets based on quant research and forecasts from Hybrid Intelligence.

Stoic’s main algorithm is a long-only strategy that buys and rebalances a portfolio of crypto assets with at least $10 million in daily volumes. It’s a great way to get exposure to the market as a whole.

Stoic’s strategy went live in March 2020 and returned more than 2,193% in its first year, outperforming Bitcoin.

Now thousands of users connected Stoic to crypto exchange accounts holding more than $50,000,000 in crypto assets.

What’s in the Stoic web app

To sign up for Stoic, users previously needed to instal an iOS or Android app. That was a friction point that prevented some people from getting Stoic. Some worried about installing another app or didn’t want to share data with Google or Apple.

Most users, however, simply didn’t want to bother with shifting from browsing online to opening up an app store. And more than a few got lost at the step when they needed to create the exchange API keys in the browser and scan them with the mobile app.

Now all onboarding can be done in the browser on any device:

  1. Register in the Stoic web app;
  2. Connect your Binance account via API keys;
  3. Pay the 5% fee in USDT as a transfer.

That’s it!

After you connect the keys and pay the fees, automated crypto trading usually starts in 24 hours.

You can check out the Stoic web app via this link — and feel free to share it with friends:

What’s Next

For now, the Stoic web app’s functionality is limited. It’s basically a way for people to get started with automated crypto trading without installing a mobile app.

Additional features will be added in future releases. For example, the team is now working on adding a full-fledged user profile, an inbox with messages and market updates, and a detailed portfolio overview. Stay tuned for more!