Introducing Stoic: automated crypto trading with a hedge fund edge

Introducing Stoic: automated crypto trading with a hedge fund edge

Today we present Stoic, the crypto robo-advisor on Binance with strategies based on Cindicator Capital’s quant research and ‘Hybrid Intelligence’. It’s like a crypto hedge fund experience for everybody.

In December 2019, we launched Cindicator Capital, the first hedge fund powered by ‘Hybrid Intelligence’. To do that we’ve spent years building everything from scratch to the institutional level: tech, legal, analytical and trading infrastructure.

Since then, Cindicator Capital has demonstrated stellar returns and generated the buzz in the industry.  

But now we clearly see that hedge funds are the past.

Why keep the best of the Cindicator ecosystem exclusive to only the rich?

COVID-19 impacted all industries, speeding up changes that were already happening.

All schools suddenly went online.

Work went remote.

By the end of 2020, many more markets will be unrecognizable.

But for now, the best trading technology is still available only to the ‘accredited investors’, i.e. people with at least $1 million in assets who can invest in hedge funds.

And small retail investors have to suffer from inflation or just buy stocks — which they did, sending the market to an all-time high.

How long could this continue?

As Mike Brusov, co-founder and CEO of Cindicator, put it:

“Now is the perfect time to launch this product. With Stoic, we want to disrupt the trading market, bringing hedge fund tech and experience right to the people.”

We’ve built Stoic to be ahead of the trends that will redefine the industry: mobile-first, no lock-ups, zero performance fees.

Yuri Lobyntsev, co-founder and CTO, added:

“We thought ‘why limit this technology to just the rich 0.01%?’ Who if not Cindicator could change the game? Stoic lets anybody trade like a crypto hedge fund with just a mobile app.”

It’s open to anybody in the world, starting with just $1,000.

Stoic’s first users love it!

We soft-launched Stoic in early April to the select CND token holders. About 50 people put in around $400,000.

So far only two users have left Stoic. Most users could hardly keep quiet about it before the official launch.

Vlad Kazakov, Stoic product owner, said:

“Stoic is something that many members of the Cindicator community wanted: a way to automatically trade crypto using Hybrid Intelligence strategies. Now it’s finally a reality. Anyone can benefit from quant strategies that were previously available only to wealthy investors in crypto hedge funds.”

What is Stoic’s investment strategy?

Stoic’s strategies are built by the team behind Cindicator Capital. It’s a combination of forecasts from 163,000+ analysts registered on the Cindicator platform and AI algorithms.

Stoic’s first strategy started to trade live in early 2020. It’s a top 20 altcoin portfolio with daily rebalancing using Binance API. Since the beginning of this year up to 31 August, the strategy made +124% in USD and +23% in BTC.

We’re planning to add more investment strategies to fit everybody. Cindicator Capital’s team is already testing dozens of strategies.

Why Binance?

Binance is the leading exchange with over 13.5 million users and a growing ecosystem of products. It’s one of the few exchanges with high volumes across a wide range of assets.

Importantly, we never take custody of your funds. The funds are always stored at Binance, which has demonstrated over the years its commitment to the highest standards of security.

In future we’re planning to add more exchanges that meet the same high standards.

How is Stoic connected to the CND token?

As a core part of the Cindicator ecosystem, Stoic will be integrated into the CND economy via CND Plus, an upcoming premium program for token holders.

We don’t want to release it until all the development is finished, but one thing is clear: the value of holding tokens will be significant.

What’s next?

Stoic is a huge milestone for the Cindicator ecosystem. It brings together Cindicator’s analytical capabilities, its wealth of data, and the hedge fund-grade tech to offer automated crypto trading to everybody.

We can’t wait for you to try Stoic!

Get the free app and check out the demo portfolio.

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