CND DAO & tokenomics evolution. CND becomes deflationary

CND DAO & tokenomics evolution. CND becomes deflationary

Dear community,

Following your feedback we are improving our communications. From now on we will release updates more often and share our plans.

We have spent several weeks preparing a very detailed update that was due to be published at the end of March. The update is so big and detailed that it’s essentially a new whitepaper. To speed up the process, however, we are splitting that update into several smaller blog posts so you don’t need to wait.

Therefore, we’re planning to make around five announcements throughout March to spotlight changes in all the directions. Today’s announcement is like a trailer for three upcoming movies: “CND: The DAO Burns Out”, “Stoic: The Rise of Profits”, and “Hybrid Intelligence: A New Hope”.


  1. We will not be launching the STOIC token, as after receiving community feedback we have a better idea: to connect CND with Stoic.
  2. All existing Stoic users will receive a gift as compensation for canceling the STOIC launch.
  3. CND tokenholders will have discounts for Stoic and a priority right to use new products.
  4. Together with the community, we’re planning to facilitate the launch of CND DAO, where tokenholders will decide how to spend the common treasury (replenished by part of the revenue received from the Cindicator Ecosystem, including Stoic: i.e. CND tokens to be burned (or spent on other exciting developments).

Therefore, CND is now becoming a deflationary token.

Now, let’s dig into the details.

CND tokenomics pivoting and evolution

It’s been over a month since the latest announcement about the STOIC token and we’d like to follow up on this. As we wrote in the announcement, in the coming months we’re going to finalize the project and reserve the right to amend any part of it or completely abandon it. After thorough research, we have decided not to issue STOIC tokens. There are various reasons for this, including the legal risks of such issuance and commitment, as well as just a tiny increase in product-related metrics. And the most important part is that the CND community wasn’t as happy as we expected.

As was mentioned earlier, in the case of not issuing STOIC, we are providing something much more fascinating. There are four parts: a long-awaited update to CND tokenomics, linking the Stoic bot to the CND ecosystem, CND DAO, and gifts for everyone who participated in the STOIC token experiment.

Gifts and discounts for all current Stoic users

First, the gifts:

  • Every new or old customer who made any deposit to Stoic from Dec 21 until this announcement gets a 100% discount on a deposit of the same size, or less.
  • Every paying customer who joined before Dec 21 gets a 50% discount on any deposit under $20,000.

Both gifts can be claimed through support in the in-app chat. The deadline for the discounted deposit is April 6, 2022 – after this date you won’t be able to claim this gift anymore.

CND tokenomics

We are sticking to the logic of treating the CND token as a utility membership token, and not a payment solution or investment instrument. CND is your pass to the club of high-quality financial analytics and trading products.

Starting from today, the following link has been established between the Stoic bot and CND:

1. CND token holders get significant discounts for the Stoic service;

2. CND token holders get priority access to the new products (trading strategies and other features) to be released in Stoic this year.

Each of these links will be covered in detail in the coming announcements in March, and will be of interest to all CND holders.

We can share charts for three new products that will be available in the Cindicator Ecosystem in the near future.

Along with the currently available long-only crypto index in the Stoic app, we are introducing new classes of investment strategies within the Stoic app developed by Cindicator.

They will be added one by one. The Stoic app is becoming a place with a set of different classes of investment strategies that respond to the different financial goals and beliefs of the client.

1. The fixed income strategy (ETA: Q2 / 2022)

This is a combination of arbitrage, carry trade and futures trading on Binance aiming to earn stable returns daily with almost no price risk. CND tokenholders will get early access to this strategy as soon as it's technically ready for scalable production.

2. SuperForecasters long-short strategy (ETA: Q3 / 2022)

This strategy employs Cindicator’s Hybrid Intelligence technology and trades solely Bitcoin. This one is viewed as the candidate to become the very first investment strategy deployed on-chain in a DeFi manner with smart contracts connected to the CND DAO treasury and may open up a new DeFi space for Hybrid Intelligence.

3. The Meta long-short strategy (ETA: Q3–Q4 / 2022)

The Meta strategy is an active futures-based combination of several long-short strategies exploiting different market inefficiencies. The Meta strategy goal is designed to earn in any market condition, and can use BTC as a base currency. Both CND tokenholders and Stoic Platinum users will get early access to it.


Now, a few words about the most important game changer in the Cindicator Ecosystem: CND DAO.

CND token holders are launching a DAO, with the goal of creating incentives to contribute to the growth of the CND ecosystem and continue the process of decentralization.

DAO has a governance and has several features from the outset:

  1. Every month, Cindicator will transfer a part of its product’s revenue to the DAO’s treasury. The DAO, using tokenholder votes, decides what to do with its treasury every month, including CND tokens burn. There were 2,000,000,000 CND issued, and with Token Burn CND becomes a deflationary token. Moreover, DAO can distribute grants to valuable ecosystem members (forecasters, capital introducers, affiliate partners, trading strategy builders, influencers, marketing specialists, developers, auditors, etc);

2. DAO to decide on rules and governance structure;

3. DAO to participate in outlining the priorities of Cindicator Ecosystem development.

In the DAO’s initiation stage, we invite everyone who wants to be an early contributor to offer effective governance rules, as well as structuring the DAO and outlining its work. The most valuable ideas will have the chance to receive a grant from the DAO, and the most active contributors will have key roles in the DAO’s structure.

You can send your ideas right now using this link: don’t miss this opportunity, as it's the community who decides how the DAO will operate and develop. 

We will share more details about the DAO’s formation process in the coming updates.

CND listings

Firstly, we will do everything possible to discuss the listing with Binance team and hope that they will decide not to delist CND. We assume that this decision is related to low trading volumes of CND tokens, thanks to incentives to hold CND to gain access to CND products but not trade it. We have shared some updates with Binance team about the CND DAO and CND tokenomics update.

Secondly, it’s now obvious that the DEXes are the future and we're now exploring ways to increase liquidity on DEXes, including Uniswap V2, to provide permissionless access to CND trading for every community member.

Currently, there are two pairs on Uniswap: CND/ETH and CND/USDT. We have just provided $50k in liquidity to the CND/USDT pool on Uniswap V3, and invite everyone else to join it (you’re earning 1% as the trading fees but you would risk an impermanent loss). In the future, CND DAO might allocate part of its treasury to the pool or offer incentives for liquidity providers.

The Binance delisting is an unpleasant surprise for all of us, but we don’t see any significant issues with this. It won’t stop us from improving CND tokenomics and launching the DAO together with the community. We believe that this is an important message from the universe towards a truly decentralized Web3.

Let’s build an effective decentralized wealth management ecosystem together,

The Cindicator Team.


Notwithstanding the foregoing, there are absolutely no guarantees and representations in relation to CND token (“CND”). CND is provided as is. CND, including its functionality and plans for it, may be changed at any time. Also, for any reason and at any time, CND DAO may not be released at all or its support / development may be discontinued.

In relation to CND, you are solely responsible for complying with all laws that apply to you, including for the payment of all taxes that apply to you. You also assume all legal, economic and other risks in relation to CND, including its legal uncertainty, market volatility (variability), information security risks and others. CND DAO is not associated with any of our legal entities, Cindicator or Stoic. If you do not agree with this, please close this site.

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