Cindicator Digest: Progress in Q2

Cindicator Digest: Progress in Q2

The second quarter of 2021 was certainly memorable for the whole crypto community: in April Bitcoin reached a new all-time high of over $64,000. And in less than two months the price plunged 50%.

Meanwhile, the Cindicator team was building and shipping. Thanks to a massive inflow of new people and institutions into crypto, it was an extremely busy period for everybody. In this post, we’ll summarize the developments across Cindicator’s products: Stoic, the Hybrid Intelligence platform, SuperForecasters, and Macro Sentiment Indicators.


In Q2, Stoic saw another massive inflow of users. Again, all systems were stress tested. Meanwhile, the team has completed several important projects.

  • Major updates for the mobile app: the team shipped several new versions of the iOS mobile app, updating UI, simplifying onboarding, and introducing a dark theme.
  • Joined Binance Broker program: the inflow of new users enabled Cindicator to join Binance Broker Progam, tapping into even great liquidity.
  • Stress test for the strategy: At some point, Stoic’s strategy was clearly outperforming most other assets. As a long-only crypto strategy, Stoic’s portfolio went into correction with the rest of the market but hedge has softened the blow for users who opted to use it.
  • New brand identity: even though Stoic’s new identity was release on July 1, that journey started many moons ago. Expect to see more wisdom drops from the new Stoic.

Key figures:

  • Stoic’s return H1: 228% (19.48% for BTC);
  • Stoic’s return in Q2: -32% or -14% with the default hedge (-40% for BTC);
  • Crypto assets on user accounts connected to Stoic: >$50 million.

Cindicator Collective Intelligence Platform

Cindicator’s Hybrid Intelligence platform has continued to deliver stable and reliable accuracy for binary as well as Support and Resistance indicators.

Average Hybrid Intelligence accuracy since 2017 is now 61%. Its volatility has decreased, particularly for Support and Resistance indicators that showed an average accuracy of over 75% for four consecutive quarters.

Key figures:

  • Average accuracy: 61%;
  • Indicators sent to CND token holders in Q2: 645.

SuperForecasters Signals for Bitcoin

Signals from SuperForecasters is a subscription product that uses weekly forecasts from the 0.1% of analysts on the Cindicator platform. The product now has a core community of users, some of who have subscribed over a year ago.

  • Launched a new Discord server: similar to Macro Sentiment subscribers, the users of SuperForecasters now have a place to discuss the signals and brainstorm strategy.
  • A new experimental strategy in testing: a new automated Hybrid Intelligence strategy is in the final stages of development. If you’re interested, you can already pre-register for the Hybrid Intelligence strategy to be among the first to learn all the details when it launches.

Key figures:

  • Individual win-rate: up to 61%;
  • Individual long-term P&Ls range: 44% to 119%.

Macro Sentiment Indicators

Macro Sentiment Indicators are a product that uses Hybrid Intelligence forecasts to produce weekly sentiment indicators, gauging the retail’s view of the market.

New strategies emerged in the community:

  • Forex strategy: Friess, one of the subscribers, has formulated a strategy for using Macro Sentiment Indicators to trade EURUSD, making +46% in 3 months.
  • “Set and forget” strategy: another subscriber, Okadoke, has defined and tested a very simple options trading strategy that requires minimal time and skills. Even complete beginners can use it. Still, it made a total profit of +358% over the period of 79 weeks.

Key metrics:

  • Members of the Discord traders community: 1,398;
  • Average win-rate for community strategies since inception: 70%.

Stay tuned

The recent market sell-off should not overshadow the fact that the crypto industry is developing in leaps and bounds. And Cindicator and its products are right in the middle of it. So expect more news, releases, and updates in Q3.