Aurora ETH Strategy

Trend-following strategy based on technical analysis for ETH
Made by Hedge Fund — Aurora Capital
to Outperform ETH
Key Advantages
Up to 60% Outperformance
of a Simple ETH Holding
Superior Returns
Withdraw funds when you desire without restrictions or penalties.
Withdraw anytime
Aurora is focused on portfolio growth in USDT utilizing short and long ETH positions.
Only you can initiate withdraws for enhanced security.
Funds stay on exchange
Strategy at work
4 Simple Steps to Steady Growth:
Create a new Binance sub-account with Futures enabled
Add crypto assets to sub-account
Integrate Stoic AI to sub-account
Stoic AI begins trading within 24 hours
Frequently Asked Questions
How does Aurora ETH work?
The Aurora ETH strategy works with ETH and Binance exclusively to automate crypto trading on your behalf. The strategy switches between long and short positions in ETH determined by specific market markers and calls. Aurora ETH utilizes Futures on Binance and detects markers to formulate trade decisions.
What happens during market downturns?
Aurora ETH's trading engine detects the bearish trend and starts short selling ETH. To minimize the risk, we use stop losses to determine entry points.
What kind of returns will I see on my investments?
Aurora ETH's goal is to outperform ETH. In the past it has returned over 60%. However, past returns cannot guarantee future returns.
Which countries do not support the Aurora ETH strategy?
Aurora ETH strategy is not supported in locations unable to utilize Futures contracts. According to Binance Terms of Use, Futures and Derivatives products will not be available to all users of the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Australia, Hong Kong, and retail users of the United Kingdom. Binance US also does not support futures and derivatives products currently.
Where is the Aurora ETH strategy executed?
Currently the Aurora ETH strategy is offered for Binance exchange accounts with a Futures sub-account. Please note that Binance US does not support Futures or Derivatives products currently.
Can I withdraw my funds at any time?
Yes. You can set the Hedge rate to 100%. Within 24 hours, funds will be transferred in USDT and ready for withdraw.
What are the fees?
While Aurora ETH is not fully live nor open to the general public, there are no fees. We are currently gathering feedback from our community and developing the pricing offers.
Is there a minimum amount of funds that need deposited into my new Binance sub-account?
For Aurora ETH, a minimum of $100 is required for the strategy to execute effectively. There is no limit to the amount you deposit beyond the initial $100.
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In relation to Aurora, you are solely responsible for complying with all laws that apply to you, including for the payment of all taxes that apply to you. You also assume all legal, economic and other risks in relation to Aurora, including its legal uncertainty, market volatility (variability), information security risks and others.
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