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Stoic AI's portfolio rebalances once a day and aims to perform better than the crypto market on average
Stoic has been beating both BTC and other benchmarks since March 2020
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We surveyed 180,000 registered users on Cindicator’s Platform. The average forecast is that the crypto market capitalization will grow by at least 3x over the next 3 years.

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Will the crypto market continue to grow further?
Crypto has not yet reached mass adoption, so the price will likely continue to rise until that happens.
Stoic AI diversifies your portfolio, capitalizing on moonshots across the broader crypto market.
Selects top traded coins
Our proprietary algorithm evaluates all assets on Binance with at least $10 million in trading volume. For each asset, Stoic AI assigns a specific weight based on market capitalization.
Buys coins likely to increase in value
Stoic AI analyzes previous returns, price volatility, correlation with other assets, and additional factors to identify which assets are rising and are likely to continue in an upwards trend. Stoic AI’s internal algorithm increases the designated weight for such assets resulting in higher yield.
Sells coins likely to decrease in value
Stoic AI estimates the probability of an asset going down. If it statistically looks like the price has peaked, Stoic either sells the asset or decreases its share within the portfolio.

We put $4,810

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How much control do I have over the strategy?
You can set which portion of the portfolio to keep in USDT. This helps to take profits and buy the dips.
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save time and diversify your portfolio
Accounts with over $100,000 worth of crypto assets can get Stoic Platinum with:
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Speak to an account manager for assistance with due diligence and onboarding.
Register in the web or mobile app.
Create a Binance API with the “Enable Trading” option and connect it with Stoic AI. This will allow us trade your account assets automatically without being able to initiate withdraws.
After 24 hours or less, experience a hands-free, no-hassle approach to your crypto trading.
Withdraw anytime
Stoic AI automatically trades assets on your Binance account. The bot cannot withdraw funds, maintaining a high level of security. Only you can initiate withdraws.

Stoic is an official member of the Binance Broker program.
Annual fee 4-5%
Stoic AI’s fee depends on your starting account balance. We request payment in advance since we cannot charge your account based on performance.

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Annual fee 4-5%
Stoic AI’s fee depends on your starting account balance. We request payment in advance since we cannot charge your account based on performance.

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Sean Galland
September 6, 2021
Update to this review 9/6/2021: The app is working way better, although a little slow loading data the data is more accurate and isn't lagging behind several days. Also they added a web interface. Updated from 3 stars to 5. This is a two part review, one for the service and one for the app. TL;DR To put it mildly, the service rocks and works really well. The app sucks. The service performs automated trades and does a good job of buying coins low and rebalancing to sell high. I have been making between 2%-10% daily. The hedging feature seems to work well, and recently they even fixed a few bugs with this. So all in all, great way to make a passive income. The service is worth 5 stars easy. The app on the other hand, constantly reports wrong data. The amounts from the trades are always wrong, and not even sure why they bothered to show it. The balance is not real time, and even having a chat with support they will just tell you to look at your Binance account. If I could use this service without the app, I wouldn't have installed it. I would rate it two stars because it doesn't crash. I would also like to point out that some people have not had good experiences with support. For me, they were responsive and answered my questions (although they seemed to give me stock responses, but that is the norm across the helpdesk industry). I don't want to put down others experiences, but my experience has been decent. So I have given my rating 3 stars as an average of these two reviews. It's a great service, it works well and is a great way to make a passive income. The only issue is you do have to pay in crypto, but not that big of a deal. The app needs serious work, and might have been better with a web interface instead.
John Vera
August 25, 2021
Stoic works. After 2 months of using Stoic my capital increased 20%. There are more gains that lost so that is the reason why my capital grows. It looks that Stoic is for a long run, so do not expect a gain from one day to another, you need to wait at least 2 months to see results. I guess developers are working hard to make Stoic perform even better.
September 2, 2021
Has worked well for me, app has improved in recent versions. Bot is great for a consumer product. Reccomend if you have crypto assets but dont like trusting your own judgement re: trading.
Eric Berry
August 13, 2021
I have been using the app since February 2021 and it has been great. At first, I had some trust issues with it, but eventually I trusted the system and let it do its thing. Customer Service was a little slow in responding to my question. Also, the app shows zero balance on the 24hr chart sometimes. Those things are somewhat minor to me considering the service to make money in a bull market.
Chika Ibeneme
August 12, 2021
Hey guys, Here is my honest review. I've been using Stoic since April 2021 I believe, and the experience has been great so far. Customer support is a bit slow, however, it's understandable why because a lot of users have queries. For a 5% management fee, no hands on required from me. I think the app does a pretty stellar job. There is always some risk involved with trading so I'd just suggest starting with the min amount and give it some time. Remember that crypto is extremely volatile.
4.4/5 — from 565 reviews
4.1/5 — from 256 reviews
Founded in 2015, Cindicator builds predictive analytics by merging collective intelligence and machine learning models. Our team is a synergy of individuals with expertise in math, data science, quant trading, and finance, working together to form one collective mind.

Read more about Cindicator on the Company page or in media articles below.
Frequently Asked Questions
Is crypto a good investment?
It’s up to you to decide if cryptocurrency is the best investment in your financial situation. Over the past few years, cryptocurrency has emerged into a fully-fledged asset class. Investment giants like Fidelity, as well as previously skeptical companies like JP Morgan, now have dedicated arms for cryptocurrency investing.
Furthermore, many cryptocurrency start-ups have raised billions of dollars in upfront capital — these institutional investors clearly see the immense potential within the cryptocurrency space.
How do I invest in cryptocurrency?
Crypto investing strategies can be broken down into 3 categories:

1. Passive holding
The easiest and the most common way to invest in cryptocurrency is to simply buy and hold (or ‘hodl’). The primary source of returns is the long-term price appreciation of a particular asset (or the entire crypto market) as more investors enter the market and adoption grows.

2. Active trading
An alternative way to invest in crypto is to actively trade, taking advantage of short-term and mid-term volatility. It’s not uncommon for the Bitcoin price to surge or fall by 10% in a day. Traders watch volatility, price momentum, and reversals to maximize the chances of buying low and selling high. This could be done manually, but, the sheer size of the crypto market and its 24/7 nature give crypto trading bots a great advantage.

3. Portfolio investing
This crypto investing strategy is based on building a portfolio of smaller crypto assets that have the potential for higher returns than Bitcoin and ETH. Investors generally build a diversified portfolio to lower their risk and maximize their gains. While some assets may become worthless, a handful of smaller market cap assets can outperform Bitcoin on average.
Stoic AI is a crypto investing app that combines the portfolio approach to cryptocurrency investing with momentum-based, automated crypto investing.
What is the best way to invest in crypto?
The “best way to invest in crypto” depends on the investment horizon and risk tolerance of each investor. 

Stoic’s crypto investing strategy is based on a long-term price appreciation of crypto as an asset class yet also takes advantage of medium-term volatility and trends.

How do investment bots work?
Most crypto trading bots automate manual tasks defined by users. For each cryptocurrency pair, they create grids of orders to buy and sell. However, it is up to the user to select the cryptocurrency and specific settings with which the bot should trade.

Various investment bots aim to build a portfolio of cryptocurrencies based on users’ rules. Still, it is up to the user to define which assets to buy, at what weightings, and how to rebalance them.

Stoic’s automated crypto investing strategy is based on quantitative research and AI. The user simply connects Stoic to their Binance account via API, and the strategy is automatically executed.
How should I invest $1000 dollars?
A $1000 investment could go many places right now such as Coinbase, Binance, and many other crypto exchanges that typically do not have a minimum deposit. You could buy and hold a handful of assets and wait till they appreciate in value.

If you are investing $1000 dollars, it is time consuming to watch the market and perform manual trades throughout the day. Your time would be better spent on creating active income through automation. We believe that the easiest way to invest in crypto is to connect Stoic’s algorithm to a Binance account.

Stoic automates cryptocurrency investing, buying, and rebalancing of a crypto portfolio. The minimum starting balance is $1000 in any coin (Stoic will automatically sell any crypto before building a portfolio).

Stoic connects to your Binance account via API after you pay the fee. You can also check Stoic’s past trading performance - for free.
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