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3 Vibrant Trading Strategies

Primed to dominate diverse market conditions

Fixed Income: Multi-cycle strategy

APY+4% ~ +27%

What: A market-neutral, steady performance strategy with lower risk and modest yield.

How: Purchases spot assets then shorts them simultaneously on the Futures market.

When: Performance is optimal during a bull market and steady at any stage.

Meta: 200+ sub-strategies in one


What: A market-neutral strategy with moderate risk and strong yield.

How: Allocates funds in a dozen sub-strategies at the same time to be efficient in any market environment.

When: Performance is not affected by market conditions. Even during market crashes, this strategy maintains solid returns.

Long Only: Uptrend king

APYup to +406%

What: A long-term, portfolio rebalancing strategy with moderate risk and high upside potential.

How: Purchases long positions in the top 30 coins most likely to increase, sells those that are estimated to decrease.

When: Performance is optimal during uptrends, allocation is best during a bear market.


StarterPortfolio: $1K — $3.5K

For individuals getting started with crypto investing

$9 per monthwith annual payment
PlusPortfolio: $3.5K — $10K

For advanced individuals and professionals

$25 per monthwith annual payment
ProPortfolio: $10K+

For seasoned investors and corporations

5% in crypto

annual deposit fee

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Examples of bot’s tuning


For investors who tend to place eggs in multiple baskets, distributing funds equally towards various trading algorithms.

Fixed Income65%
Long Only10%
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For investors who prioritize minimal risk and consistent profitability regardless of market conditions. The anchor in the waves of a raging sea.

Fixed Income95%
Long Only0%
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For investors who thrive in an impulsive crypto market and are willing to take on additional trading risk for increased yield opportunities.

Fixed Income0%
Long Only60%
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